About TBP

The Bold Pursuit® is an “all volunteer army,” consisting of conservatives, Republicans and like-minded thinkers whose input and hours of effort are given freely in the cause of patriotism. We could not advance in The Bold Pursuit without the generous and talented soldiers listed below ~ Clio

Clio, Publisher, Executive Editor and Writer, The Bold Pursuit ®

I chose “Clio,” my nom de plume, after the Greek Muse of history. Known as the “Proclaimer,” Clio is represented in art holding a scroll or a set of tablets. While I’m not a history buff, I find the politics of the day prompting me to learn more about the politics of the past – history, as we know, is doomed to repeat itself. In the course of my research, I discovered the Pamphleteers of the American Revolution – patriots who helped spread the word of the iniquities of British rule and urged the populace to rebel against the King. Today, political networks and bloggers on the Internet are our modern pamphleteers, also calling attention to the arrogance, incompetence and anti-American acts of our leadership. I’m inspired by the pamphleteers of yesterday and today and hope that TBP can also offer words that inspire and compel change. Please join us in The Bold Pursuit … Clio is a writer, publicist and media consultant.

Genevieve is the Senior Advisor and Editor to The Bold Pursuit. After graduating from a small teacher’s college (now Slippery Rock University) 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Genevieve headed west with what she thought was a “golden spoon in my mouth. I soon learned that my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a minor in French didn’t help me acquire a job. An entry level editing job at an electronics firm launched my 25-year publishing career. I became skilled as an editor, senior editor, advertising manager and proposal manager. Since retiring, I have enjoyed fishing, gardening and retraining for life in Cyberspace. I’m just beginning to learn the basics of being a geek and navigating the Internet.”

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer and a featured Contributor to The Patriot’s Notepad. Robert is a prolific and talented writer whose distinctive style is a favorite of our regular readers. We’re very pleased to share Robert’s insightful political commentary on our site.

Activist/blogger Cap Black (Nadra Enzi) is a Contributing Writer for The Bold Pursuit. Cap Black/Enzi describes himself as “a conservative – a ‘hood conservative,’ rescuing and promoting traditional values within the inner city.” Mr. Enzi was recently recognized as one of Newsmax’s “100 Most Influential Black Republicans.” The Bold Pursuit is honored to have Mr. Enzi as a regular contributor to our website.

Ron Devito, MBA, Editor and Publisher, US for Palin: Mr. Devito analyzes Governor Palin’s accomplishments from the perspectives of an MBA and through the lens of Reagan Conservatism. US4Palin Syndicate is a channel partner of The Bold Pursuit ®. All content on the US4Palin Syndicate page is the sole property of US4Palin.com. The Bold Pursuit makes no claims to or accepts responsibility for any content, images, videos, links or other features presented on the US4Palin Syndicate page. The US4Palin Syndicate page content and collateral does not fall under the The Bold Pursuit copyright or trademark protections.

John Wayne Tucker writes JWT’s Journal, a column focusing on politics, history and economics. A former candidate for the U.S. Congress (MO), John is also a teacher, minister and car enthusiast. During the 2010 election, The Bold Pursuit began publishing Mr. Tucker’s campaign blogs. Recognizing a unique and informed voice, we asked John to join us a featured columnist. JWT’s Journal is one of our most popular blogs; John’s columns consistently top our “Popular Pages” lists and are the highest-ranking pages in Google’s search returns.

Jake Aurelian graduated from the University of Illinois in 2000 with a degree in Media Studies/Communication & Rhetoric. Aurelian has taught English and media at the college level, and to date, has authored six books (fiction and non-fiction) and over 500 pop culture articles. A complete list of Aurelian’s books can be seen on Amazon … Jake Aurelian resides in Parts Unknown.

Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer. Jim is a politically active conservative writer and proud member of the Tea Party. He believes in, and fights for, the principles contained in our Constitution. He writes for Examiner.com and several other conservative sites including his own site, freedomforusnow.com. Jim also writes poetry, prose, and essays. His blogs are eloquent, intellectual and opinionated, but open to factual arguments – not hysteria. He loves history, old music, old movies, and working crosswords with his wife.

Bruce O’Hara, Graphic Artist. Banner graphic – courtesy of Bruce O’Hara, exclusively for The Bold Pursuit. Bruce is also the writer and editor of the E-Blast conservative newsletter.

Jack Keel: Audio/Visual Technical Consultant

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