Oregon Governor Issues Stay Home Order

March 23, 2020 … Finally: OR Gov Brown issues Stay Home order. Brown had issued rules, suggestions which many Oregonians ignored. Our beaches were packed last weekend, according to reports. This weekend, I watched people flock to the city park near my home.

None of us want to be forced to stay home, lose income, keep children home from school or practice social distancing, but the stakes are too high. We must stop Covid19 transmission chain.

Oregon is a ‘blue state,’ very liberal in its major urban areas. One would expect a more proactive approach to preventing the spread of the corona virus, but its governor has dragged her heels as far as putting real measures to protect public safety in place.

Too many Oregonians aren’t taking the threat of exposure and infection of Covid19 seriously. Now, they don’t have a choice.

~ Clio