Right Wing trolls are frenzied over New Zealand massacre

by Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black
Right wing trolls are frenzied over the New Zealand massaacre, not because it was evil, nor that it will embolden more White lone terrorists, or even that it will prompt retaliation attacks by Muslim extremists – all valid concerns to be on any sober safety creators radar.
Right wing trolls seem to have two primary concerns:  fear this attack will somehow cost Trump re-election and paranoia that outrage about it will ultimately spell the end of society as we know it.
Reasonable Republicans, commonsense conservatives, level headed moderates, and invisible GOP liberals, this is a great time to tell trolls they don’t speak for you.
I’m an Old School Brother, so my line in the sand was drawn at birth regarding opposing terrorists and criminals on the basis of their misdeeds and that alone. I don’t give one a hoodwink and another condemnation.
Right wing trolls will post, tweet, and record the Republican Party into ruin if they aren’t checked or chucked, from within. In a two party system, this would disastrously tilt policy making in one direction- and it’s still up in the air whether any third party could gain enough traction to balance things.
It’ll be interesting to see if this happens.
Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a consultant and safety advocate in New Orleans.
He’s also a member of the Orleans Parish Republican Executive Committee and Project 21 National Black Conservative Leadership Network. These are his views and not necessarily those of the Committee and Project 21.

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