Freedom or Subjugation?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

We have two alternatives: freedom or subjugation.

Of the two, subjugation is the easier and (to some people) the more
attractive. Simply hand over all power to some other guys, and trust
that they will be wiser and more noble than we, the unwashed masses,
and wait for them to provide us with security and comfort.

Freedom is by far the more difficult alternative. Freedom is scary, and its
path is strewn with dangers. A free man has to weigh the consequences
of his actions, not merely in the immediate sense, but in the
universal. And when he fails or falls short, the blame falls on him
personally, not on “the system,” or on some nameless distant

But when the subjugated man and the free man lay down their heads at
night, it is the subjugated man who, in his heart of hearts, envies
the free man. And it is the free man who despite his fears and
failures, knows that ineffable fulfillment of the soul for which the
subjugated man can only yearn.

The power of government is increasing, and as it does, the erosion of
freedom continues. Whether through the Patriot Act, the IRS code, or
gun control laws, we are squandering our hard-won freedoms for the
false promise of security.

The people to whom we are yielding our freedoms—that is, those
people called the government—are neither wiser nor nobler than we
are. They are simply more powerful.

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