A Week of Murdered Officers

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

The murder of six law enforcement officers in a week remind us that blue is a minority too. Their uniforms and operation under color of law make them centers of attention – some of it homicidal.

As an urban advocate, I actively provide balance to a community narrative where police are villified as if none are virtuous. This villification can create wariness in their ranks – which I have experienced – and sets the stage for costly worst case scenarios.

Bringing brothers and badges together will usher an era of far less officer and inner citizen casualties due to new relationships and cooperation. All it takes is the will to do so.

Urban communities aside, police villification is active in the broader society, further isolating this unique minority in blue. Against this backdrop, is it any wonder police are ambushed simply for being themselves?

One extreme takes to the streets calling for police death while the other arms itself and has standoffs on contested land.

Caught in the sometimes literal crossfire are the few in blue who are targeted simply because of their uniforms. Protestors should keep this mind before making public stances which inspire not only anti-police discrimination but actual assassination.

That’s the ugly lesson of a week where six officers were murdered.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist!
Brothers & Badges Together Advocate. Contact: 504 214-3082


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