NO Blue (Police) Lynching!

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Two sheriffs deputies were recently ambushed on the outskirts of besieged Baltimore and once again decent people are shocked. A nation where police officers are routinely ambushed is one aflame from internal friction.

This friction is cooled when everyday citizens and advocates refuse to let blue (police) lynching go unchallenged. Pro-police press conferences, marches, social media campaigns, acts of kindness and literal assistance during crisis tip the scales against ambushers and the blue lynching lobby.

A presidential election cycle tragically promises increased anti-cop rhetoric and violence to advance toxic political agendas. We, who fancy ourselves supporters of law enforcement, either allow blue lynching on our streets and in popular culture or we oppose it!

Silence in this battle emboldens solo thugs and gangs at home while empowering homegrown extremists and foreign terrorists.

Blue lynching has supreme public safety and homeland security consequences which we can’t afford to encourage.


Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, UrbanSafetyist, Brothers and Badges Together Advocate.

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