It’s Only A Matter of Time, New Orleans

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As my brothers and badges together advocacy gains ground with distant departments and forums, it underscores a divide with New Orleans mayor who cherry picks inner citizen spokespeople. My local law enforcement allies, individual officers, executives and the Police Association of New Orleans (PANO), have my support while I oppose this mayor’s anti-advocate, anti-police policies.

Recruitment and retention have been at crisis-level for years and violent criminals exploit our disadvantage. This place is a racial powder keg and its fuse is routinely lit for selfish political purposes.

Posing Black youth and inner city crime scenes for photo ops doesn’t obscure the fact that we’re one officer-involved shooting and politicized investigation away from rioting.

Ignoring independent Black male advocates who support police will cost lives of inner citizens and urban officers, a tragedy having brothers and badges together could avoid.

Sadly, I’m fully prepared to tell powers-that-be I told you so when the inevitable smoke clears.

A brew of gentrification stirred economic apartheid and sock puppet spokespeople is going to boil over and New Orleans will be spoken in the same breath as Ferguson, Baltimore, Watts and Los Angeles. It’s only a matter of time when independent advocates closest to the problem are ignored and police/community relations eventually erupt.


Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, UrbanSafetyist!, Brothers and Badges Together Advocate.

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