If Elected, I Promise . . .

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Since nobody showed up for my press conference, I am reduced to posting my campaign promises online for all to see, as the cliché would have it.

Although I have been a Ronald Reagan conservative for most of my adult life, I am also a pragmatist. As such, I have come to realize that as things now stand in America, no one can be elected President of the United States by promising to allow people the freedom to make their own way. It is political suicide to preach self-reliance and personal accountability. It is pointless to promise fidelity to a document that very few Americans have any knowledge of, such as the Constitution.

Therefore, in the spirit of contemporary American culture, I have decided to form a new political party that will put Bernie Sanders to shame. I call it the Everything Free Party, with emphasis on the word, party.

My solutions to vexing problems are simple and straightforward. For example, consider the vexing problem of poverty. We all know that millions of impoverished Americans are starving to death. They cannot afford food, medicine or other necessities, such as the latest video game equipment.

Under my plan, these vexing problems will be immediately solved. I will make everyone in America into a billionaire. When elected, my first order of business will be to have the government print up trillions of dollars and send a billion to every American who voted for me. Bingo, vexing problem solved. Why did nobody think of this before?

I will also expand welfare programs to include everybody except people who were already billionaires before I was elected. Everybody will get everything for free, except those rich people who made the free things. I will take from them everything that they have, and give it all to the people who voted for me.

I understand that there will be some people who criticize me. They will claim that if everybody is getting everything free, then nobody will have any incentive to produce free things, and that therefore, there will not be anything to give away. Those are lies, and under my plan, everybody who tells such lies will be thrown into prisons, where they will be forced to make free things for me to give to the people who vote for me.

I will ensure that everybody in America is equal. Anyone who has anything more than you do, will have it taken from them and given to you, assuming of course, that you voted for me.

So vote for me. I will know if you didn’t.

A World Without Cages

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As an urbansafetyist, I explore various definitions of public safety. One of the more interesting is the “No Cages (jails and prisons)” theory. A young woman shared it with me last year and I get subsequent updates after hours when the she bar tends is closed. She’s at least an anarchist and thus we share healthy disgust of a super-sized state favored by liberals and conservatives addicted to one.

In her theory, most crimes shouldn’t be punished by imprisonment. Handling things firsthand is her preferred method when persuasion or counselling aren’t options.

Proponents of the criminal justice system consider autonomous problem-solving worse than crime it addresses. My view is somewhere in the middle.

UrbanSafetyism emphasizes creating awareness and responsibility everywhere (CARE) within encounters, workplaces and events, instead of relying upon government. As checkered as corrections history can be for inner citizens, I do recognize a legitimate role for jails and prisons. If society goes the “No Cages” route, problem-solving by default becomes an absolutely personal responsibility in the majority of cases. Some will ask, would the streets run red with blood? I guess we’d have to have a world without cages in order to find out.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist, Brothers and Badges Together Advocate504 214-3082. http://www.urbansafetyism.blogspot.com

Freedom or Subjugation?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

We have two alternatives: freedom or subjugation.

Of the two, subjugation is the easier and (to some people) the more
attractive. Simply hand over all power to some other guys, and trust
that they will be wiser and more noble than we, the unwashed masses,
and wait for them to provide us with security and comfort.

Freedom is by far the more difficult alternative. Freedom is scary, and its
path is strewn with dangers. A free man has to weigh the consequences
of his actions, not merely in the immediate sense, but in the
universal. And when he fails or falls short, the blame falls on him
personally, not on “the system,” or on some nameless distant

But when the subjugated man and the free man lay down their heads at
night, it is the subjugated man who, in his heart of hearts, envies
the free man. And it is the free man who despite his fears and
failures, knows that ineffable fulfillment of the soul for which the
subjugated man can only yearn.

The power of government is increasing, and as it does, the erosion of
freedom continues. Whether through the Patriot Act, the IRS code, or
gun control laws, we are squandering our hard-won freedoms for the
false promise of security.

The people to whom we are yielding our freedoms—that is, those
people called the government—are neither wiser nor nobler than we
are. They are simply more powerful.

A Week of Murdered Officers

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

The murder of six law enforcement officers in a week remind us that blue is a minority too. Their uniforms and operation under color of law make them centers of attention – some of it homicidal.

As an urban advocate, I actively provide balance to a community narrative where police are villified as if none are virtuous. This villification can create wariness in their ranks – which I have experienced – and sets the stage for costly worst case scenarios.

Bringing brothers and badges together will usher an era of far less officer and inner citizen casualties due to new relationships and cooperation. All it takes is the will to do so.

Urban communities aside, police villification is active in the broader society, further isolating this unique minority in blue. Against this backdrop, is it any wonder police are ambushed simply for being themselves?

One extreme takes to the streets calling for police death while the other arms itself and has standoffs on contested land.

Caught in the sometimes literal crossfire are the few in blue who are targeted simply because of their uniforms. Protestors should keep this mind before making public stances which inspire not only anti-police discrimination but actual assassination.

That’s the ugly lesson of a week where six officers were murdered.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist!
Brothers & Badges Together Advocate. Contact: 504 214-3082


NO Blue (Police) Lynching!

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Two sheriffs deputies were recently ambushed on the outskirts of besieged Baltimore and once again decent people are shocked. A nation where police officers are routinely ambushed is one aflame from internal friction.

This friction is cooled when everyday citizens and advocates refuse to let blue (police) lynching go unchallenged. Pro-police press conferences, marches, social media campaigns, acts of kindness and literal assistance during crisis tip the scales against ambushers and the blue lynching lobby.

A presidential election cycle tragically promises increased anti-cop rhetoric and violence to advance toxic political agendas. We, who fancy ourselves supporters of law enforcement, either allow blue lynching on our streets and in popular culture or we oppose it!

Silence in this battle emboldens solo thugs and gangs at home while empowering homegrown extremists and foreign terrorists.

Blue lynching has supreme public safety and homeland security consequences which we can’t afford to encourage.


Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, UrbanSafetyist, Brothers and Badges Together Advocate.http://www.urbansafetyism.blogspot.com

It’s Only A Matter of Time, New Orleans

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As my brothers and badges together advocacy gains ground with distant departments and forums, it underscores a divide with New Orleans mayor who cherry picks inner citizen spokespeople. My local law enforcement allies, individual officers, executives and the Police Association of New Orleans (PANO), have my support while I oppose this mayor’s anti-advocate, anti-police policies.

Recruitment and retention have been at crisis-level for years and violent criminals exploit our disadvantage. This place is a racial powder keg and its fuse is routinely lit for selfish political purposes.

Posing Black youth and inner city crime scenes for photo ops doesn’t obscure the fact that we’re one officer-involved shooting and politicized investigation away from rioting.

Ignoring independent Black male advocates who support police will cost lives of inner citizens and urban officers, a tragedy having brothers and badges together could avoid.

Sadly, I’m fully prepared to tell powers-that-be I told you so when the inevitable smoke clears.

A brew of gentrification stirred economic apartheid and sock puppet spokespeople is going to boil over and New Orleans will be spoken in the same breath as Ferguson, Baltimore, Watts and Los Angeles. It’s only a matter of time when independent advocates closest to the problem are ignored and police/community relations eventually erupt.


Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, UrbanSafetyist!, Brothers and Badges Together Advocate.

Why Not Satanic Prayer?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

According to a recent news report, “Arizona lawmakers are scrambling to change the rules regarding prayer at council meetings in an effort to keep The Satanic Temple from delivering an invocation at a February session.”[i]

There is no need for them to scramble. A proper understanding of the Constitution resolves their problem, and prohibits Satanic prayer in their venue. Let me explain.

One of the founding principles of the United States is freedom of religion. More explicitly, the First Amendment prescribes that, quoting from the text:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . . .”

For about two hundred years, this rule was rarely if ever controversial. It was applied in a commonsense manner. If you choose to go to Church “A,” and I choose to go to Church “B,” the law must not force either of us to suffer any penalty for that. Jews are likewise accommodated.

Problems did indeed exist, for example, sometimes a requirement to work on the Sabbath, but these were addressed in a manner that at least seemed sensible to most people.

What was sensible was that the government is not permitted to prefer any one religion over any other.

Wait. That’s not completely true. Not all religions are equal. What the actual amendment really says is that the government is not allowed to respect any “establishment” of religion. While this may seem to be a minor detail, in context it is not. In the context of our nation’s history, the Amendment prohibits the government from forming a state religion, such was the case with the Church of England, which was supported with tax dollars.

Government neutrality with respect to religion has over the years been misinterpreted to mean, in practice, two things. One of them is a government hostility to religion, and not only to religion, but even to religious principles. The other misinterpretation is that anything calling itself a religion is entitled to all the protections of the Constitution.

Both of these misinterpretations cry out for reform. Failure to clarify the principle of religious freedom will make a farce of the Constitution.

It needs to be clarified that our freedoms come from God, the Creator, not from an anti-God such as a satanic entity. It also needs to be emphasized that our Constitution was designed to protect those specific freedoms, the God-given freedoms. It does not protect the freedoms which, for example under Sharia Law, permit men to subjugate women, and to punish those who change their religion.

The founding documents make this clear, as do the subsequent letters and literature written by those who founded our Republic. We do not burn witches, nor permit any religion to do so. At the same time, the Constitution does not protect religions which profess evil, such as religions of witchcraft.

Finally, while no one is forced to believe in any God, government neutrality regarding religion must not be construed to mean that the government must assume an atheistic perspective. Quite the opposite, our nation’s founding is predicated on what the Declaration of Independence terms, “a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.”

The Satanists in Arizona proclaim that they do not worship an evil entity. They even deny believing in Satan. They simply proclaim an atheistic basis for human secular morality.

Their argument is fraught with confusion and contradictions, one of them being that in demanding their right to offer prayer at a public meeting, they fail to answer, to whom are they praying?

The issue, however is much larger. It involves the soul of our nation.

[i] http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/01/31/lawmakers-work-to-block-satanist-group-from-saying-prayer-at-council-meeting.html?intcmp=hpbt4

Why Americans feel like strangers in their own country – Obama’s calculated and deliberate takedown of America

by Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer

If one had to use one word to describe the entire Obama administration it would be anarchy; a word by which fascists live.

Much of traditional America recoils in horror at the utter chaos and devastation befalling this nation in the last seven years. We are fast becoming a country cowering in fear of an uncontrollable, oppressive government.

How did this happen? It makes no sense to people that leftists like Obama crave the exact opposite of a free, traditional, Constitutionalist America. We rationalize that these radicals are ignorant and mistakenly chose this dangerous path of governance.

However, once we comprehend that they are deliberately following their Socialist/Marxist scheme; their actions make perfect sense.

Nearly all wannabe dictators derive their treacherous, tyrannical philosophy from the Manifesto of the Communist Party, the 1848 pamphlet by German Philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

As you read Obama’s agenda below, remember his pledge to “…fundamentally transform the United States of America.” This was his Marxist pledge and a calculated and deliberate takedown of America.

Barack Obama, a devout and leftist-trained, slick-talking revolutionary makes it clear that he despises this country and everything for which it stands.

Obama’s Muslim father hated the entire Western World, and Obama had more than a few Communistic influences in his youth. When watching and listening to this President, it’s good to bear in mind that Communists, Marxists, Muslims, and radical leftists, dominate his ideology and poison his judgment. American Nazis of the thirties preached incessantly that to rule this country; they must first destroy the Constitution. Our Commander-in-Chief follows that doctrine – he stretches, bends, and violates nearly every element of the Constitution and whimsically repudiates established laws as minor inconveniences.

Understanding the background, goals, and motives of Barack Obama, his minions, and his New Democrat Socialist Party is essential if we hope to glean an understanding of why they relentlessly lay siege to our American way of life.

Obama’s and the left’s Marxist agenda and blueprint:

– Use the power of bureaucratic politician-created offices and departments to target, isolate, and then destroy any citizen or group of citizens resisting government bondage. Obama uses all the numerous bureaucracies to lay siege on Americans. The IRS, Education, Justice, Labor, Homeland Security, Interior, and Energy, are just a few of the departmental weapons he uses to attack and terrorize citizens.

– Expand illegal Executive power to grow central authority and subject the masses to his whims and dictates.

– Redistribute income and wealth. Obamacare was the epitome of a Marxist scheme not only reallocating peoples’ money, but in controlling who lives and who dies; the ultimate power.

– Maneuver the United States deeper into the United Nations and cede our national identity. We surrender our Constitution, security, culture, religion, and liberty to the New World Order.

– Employ anti-business economic policies designed to restrict people from employment and snare them in a massive web of dependency. These schemes work well reducing the once-powerful middle class into a new malleable voting block of welfare class.

– Relax rules and qualifications that allow more people to qualify for disability. Government reliance skyrocketed under this administration. Creates more dependency.

– Eliminate Charter Schools, home schooling, and all private education programs for easier indoctrination and grooming of children into total acceptance of federal power.

– The second fatality of this administration was the Welfare to Work legislation enacted during the Clinton presidency. Obama wanted no restrictions on welfare. He guaranteed the welfare class would remain on the Democrat Socialist Party’s federal government plantation.

– Continue hammering the ‘Big Lie of Climate Change.’ This shameful scam is an effort by Obama-leftists to impose their dream of world-wide American income and wealth redistribution and global governance. The plot is a massive tax hike on the American people.

– Bestow citizenship to every person in the country.

– Maintain our open border policy and crowd our country with legal and illegal aliens, Islamic immigrants from countries rife with terrorists, and then emptying prisons of violent convicted felons. Subsequently, placing them surreptitiously and strategically around the country to counter balance and/or replace white Christian voting blocks.

– Expand sanctuary cities.

– Enact voter ID laws that encourage fraudulent voting by granting voting rights to every person in the country – including felons and illegal aliens.

– Accept the staggering debt of Puerto Rico and bring them into the fold of statehood, counting on the added votes of another blue state.

– Destroy the Electoral College process for determining the President of the United States. Leftists know this Constitutional protection of states and national rights stand in the way of large Democrat-controlled states deciding nearly all presidential elections.

– Further weaken our Military through monetary cuts and purging the leadership of commanders not toeing the line of leftwing loons. It includes social engineering to undermine and debilitate the American Armed Forces.

– Criminalizing and encumbering police officers from doing their job; especially in minority neighborhoods. Leftist revolutionaries use the streets for riots and demonstrations – therefore, they must demonize police.

– Eliminate tax deduction credits for charity. It’s more difficult getting people enslaved to government if private charities help people.

– Disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them unprotected or create substantial gun-free zones that leave us defenseless wherever lawful Americans may roam.

– Pack our U.S. Federal and Supreme Courts with left-wing radicals who redefine the Constitution as a living document subject to modern-day “modifications” or mores.

– Create divisive strife between classes, genders, religions, races, national origins, and all others Obama rubs together to generate friction and discord.

– Carry on Obama’s policies of laying waste to the middle class.

-Unemployment and falling wages effectively create additional plantations over which the slaveholder, centralized government, assumes absolute control. Also, it builds another enormous, guaranteed voting bloc of dependents.

– Persist with the assault on our monetary, Capitalist, and free-enterprise systems with stifling regulations, fees, and demonization. Mucking up capitalism brings us nearer to the government offering centralized power as the only logical, conclusive alternative. Marxism mandates complete control of all commerce, business, finance, and the citizenry. That is why it always fails so miserably. Government can never compete with liberty; therefore, it must destroy liberty.

– Continue releasing the world’s most dangerous terrorists and unilaterally making deals with terrorist states. Press on with “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky’s blueprint for fascist control. Likewise, employing politically correct speech to silence the voices of dissent and liberty.

– Maintain the practice of using the U.S. Federal Treasury for bribing people, state and local bodies, businesses and schools into accepting money in return for relinquishing control to the feds. This federal policy led to the present-day catastrophe we now call education.

– Increase Muslim rights. Shariah Law practiced by most Muslims is a complete violation of our Constitution. However, we continue to bring them here. Most are violently intolerant of American ideals, culture, and religion, and the clashing with our values will end in a Holy War and extreme violence. Europe is finally realizing its Muslim folly – far too late.

It is a simple concept; well-educated, employed, and self-sufficient people have little need for an all-powerful entity controlling their lives and robbing them of their income, liberty, and wealth.
Understanding the goals and tactics of Barack Obama and his despotic band of New Socialist Democrats reveals how their ideas relate to the seemingly implausible actions we witness daily. The revolution we see is not a revolution for liberty, but an insurrection for tyranny. Common sense became lost in the fog of fascism.

The deadly extremists inhabiting the White House and their leftist comrades stand as sworn enemies of the United States of America, its Constitution, culture, religion, and entire way of life. They are, by careful design, transforming this country into a Marxist dictatorship. These fascists, abetted by the Main-Stream Media and leftwing Congressmen, embedded themselves into the fabric of government. Obama collectivists represent the greatest threat to the health, security, and freedom of this nation! They symbolize all that is diabolical in a world ablaze and an America facing imminent peril.

Jim Mullen

Race and the Right

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Grassroots conservatives and Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDRs) are the hope for real unity among traditionalists whose skin is Black and White, respectively.

Race relations under Obama are as bad as they were in my Jim Crow-lite youth- which is truly bad! His election (s) drove the Right crazy, particularly Establishmentpublicans at the helm of the RNC, US House, state committees, county committees, PACs, pundits, networks, social media, etc. They doubled down on profound ideological differences so soundly that conservative icons like Jack Kemp questioned their motives.

I’m not a liberal and didn’t vote for the president in either election cycle. My self-esteem isn’t dependent on his presence in the White House, so I’m NOT one of his diehard followers. It disgusts me how he parlayed the American Black experience and bi-racial heritage into a chisel used to chip away hard-won progress and foundational values. Thankfully, grassroots conservatives and FDRs work overtime to unite people with shared principles – not shared pigmentation.

Unlike Establishmentpublicans, whose fratboy smugness dismisses Black people unless seen on Fox News, grassroots conservatives and FDRs consistently engage traditionalists in places far removed from television cameras.

The state of race and the Right is unstable, like a stick of dynamite. We can’t continue allowing clueless Establishmentpublicans to light a fuse better left unlit!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Hood Conservative. http://www.capblackishere.blogspot.com