Leaving the USA in Protest? Really?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Here is a quote that was posted on line by someone calling him/her/self, usa free citizen:

“I spent a month in China in 2005. The entire time I was there I lived in a brown fog. The sun was just a dull orange ball in the sky and you could not see more than a half mile. I also saw a ‘super highway’ that was 12 lanes wide. It had toll booths and 90% of the traffic on it was bicycles and motorized carts, very few cars. I rode in a Chinese made Buick Regal that had 17,000 kilometers in it and the front end was so worn out that the car was wandering back and forth going down the road.

The people were very nice though. One guy told me that since his company paid for his education he was forced to work for them for 10 years. He made about $100/month and lived in a company sponsored apartment with 4 other guys. He said there was a girl he liked but was not able to date yet. When i asked why he said because he works 7 days a week.
We Americans do not realize how good we have it sometimes.”
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Every once in awhile, including very recently, one or another American celebrity will “threaten” to leave America if the next election does not go the way they wish. As far as I know, they never do, except perhaps to avoid excessive taxes that were imposed by the people for whom voted.

I was recently engaged in a prolonged discussion with some Americans who had recently returned to the United States after having lived in western Europe for several years, including France and Germany. Their anecdotes of life in these socialist countries are accounts of societies in which incompetence, apathy and downright insolence have run, as they say, amok.

In western Europe, employees cannot, for all practical purposes, be fired. The consequences of this policy are predictable.

In restaurants, for example, waiters and waitresses are rude to customers, get the orders wrong, overcharge on the bill, and flatly refuse to rectify any problems or complaints. If one resists paying the incorrect bill, the gendarmerie are called in and because they also are incompetent and apathetic, one either pays the bill or is taken to the station for hours of the silent treatment.

When Oprah Winfrey complained about poor service in a European boutique, she thought it was due to racism. Europeans care nothing about race in itself. If one asks a store clerk to get something off the top shelf, they simply will not do it, whether the customer is white or black.

Perhaps I misspoke. After several decades of idiotic immigration policy, many Europeans are in fact beginning to become racially prejudiced, not against blacks, but against Moslem immigrants. The propensity of young, Moslem males to, shall we say, take extraordinary sexual liberties with European women on the street, has finally begun to anger the otherwise docile public. More to the point, they are angry at the lazy, incompetent police forces that are ordered to “stand down,” whenever such crimes are openly committed. Hey, Whoopie Goldberg, better that you go there than to bring them here.

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