My Crazy Public Safety Dream

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As a dreamer, I fully admit inpractical visions have beguiled me for a lifetime. One of them I call, “my crazy public safety dream.” In it, citizen crimefighters like Adam West iconic Batman – minus costumes, in most cases ( lol ) – and caring cops seen in CHIPS and Andy Griffith Show reruns unite as a public/private united front.

Obviously, real-life smoke from Ferguson and Baltimore blow aside dreamy mists. Some would assume being a Gen X Black man automatically spells !cop hater.’ While negative experiences abound, so do positive ones, accrued firsthand as an advocate and security professional.

As bad as it seems in some respects, there exists real opportunity for partnership despite bleak projections from Black Lives Matter and some politicians. Necessity alone can bond inner citizen and urban officer against mutual violence. This necessity will spur culture change where cops and concerned Black citizens patrol troubled streets together.

Potentially weaponized youth will witness that police aren’t the enemy. The Hood isn’t the suburbs and requires a boots-on-the-ground approach, instead of sidelines-bound stakeholders with input confined to monthly meetings.

If US armed forces fought and died beside “civilian irregulars” in the former South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, is it unimaginable for police to work with inner city stakeholders?

That’s my crazy public safety dream, brothers and badges together, instead of against each other.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Urban Safetyist and presenter of the speech, Two Reasons Blacks Shouldn’t Hate Blue!

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