Two Reasons Blacks Shouldn’t Hate Blue

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

The toxic interplay between police and Black communities have at least two reasons why it shouldn’t be so. Reason number one is necessity. Black hostages in urban war zones can’t unilaterally harm, kill nor imprison reigning criminals without incurring swift arrest and prosecution. Necessity dictates transcending mutual mistrust to become partners against those endangering residents and ( first ) responders.

When partnerships become the norm, complaints, law suits and federal consent decrees cease to profilerate. It also spurs inner city culture change where hostility and even assault upon officers are customary. By necessity, Black stakeholders and police are actually allies against the same violent opposition.

The second reason is similarity. Police and American Blacks are minorities, relative to the general populauion. The blue (or other color) uniform of law enforcement sets one apart from peers. It subjects one to heightened scrutiny, potential criminal sanction and prosecution.

American Blacks have also experienced heightened scrutiny, potential criminal sanction and prosecution. It’s ironic how similar claims of discrimination sound when said by police unions and civil rights groups. Black activists and police advocates both feel targeted and unfairly treated by society.

Embracing this overlooked similarity can end old hostility and build new community between factions whose contentious dynamic sets the tone of civil liberties and public safety for everyone.

Black folks and police have alot more in common than is apparent at first glance. When each side applies necessity and similarity to the other, they inevitably realize they’re on the same side.

Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black, Hostage Who Fights Back! Presenter of speech, “This Black Doesn’t Hate Blue!” for MLK Day, Black History Month or any occasion.

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