UrbanSafetyism Defined

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Original inner city residents and newcomers face heightened security risks. Where these risks become chronic, enterprises evaporate… and so do communities!

“Nobody wants to do business in a warzone,” is a warning I’ve given for years. UrbanSafetyism arises from this crisis, enlisting merchants and event planners as partners – not bystanders – in protection. The day of the big guard (me) and little hostage (you) are over.

Headlines strongly suggest business owners, employees and customers often become de facto first responders as threats manifest. My role is to equip merchants, event planners and staff with an urgency to create awareness and responsibility everywhere (CARE), in the workplace. Less police on the streets means the private sector must own far more of its safety.

UrbanSafetyism is your partner in that process because areas too unsafe to do business eventually become wastelands.

Thank you for being safety adults mature enough not to wait for others to make your urban business, and community, safer.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, is an urban security consultant, i.e. “UrbanSafetyist,” who assists businesses and events in securing themselves. Visit his UrbanSafetyism YouTube channel and blog: http://www.urbansafetyism.blogspot.com

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