USSB: The United States of Spoiled Brats

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

We laugh. We hear college students being asked the most basic questions about American history, and many of them know nothing, or worse than nothing, they attribute lines from the Communist Manifesto to the Constitution. They say that we fought World War Two (or even the Civil War) against Russia. They cannot name the three branches of government.

Ha ha? There is nothing funny about this. These students will soon be running the country, but it gets even worse.

Tomorrow’s intelligentsia are spoiled brats. They are offended by anyone who does not share their most extremist opinions, and they believe that they (but not you) have a right not to be offended. They will tell you that facts do not matter, but only good intentions. When they do not get their way, they shout and scream until cowardly college administrators let them have their way.

A few years ago the company I worked for hired a computer technician, recently graduated from college, to manage our small computer system, which by most standards was very simple. He lasted one day. The poor fellow was lost from the start. Whatever other courses he may have excelled at – social studies, environmental issues or the fine arts – they are no substitute for the cold hard reality of electronic logic circuits. When computers crash, they crash.

Facts are intolerant. They care nothing about one’s feelings. The only way to learn those facts is to listen to the people who speak them, regardless whether the speaker is left or right, black or white, and regardless whether a spoiled brat thinks the speaker deserves to be heard.

Soon the old guard will have retired or died, and young college graduates, emerging from their sheltered lives, graduating from an environment which soothed their every hurt feeling, will confront reality. They will take the reins of social power, but they will discover, to their horror, that reality bites. It bites hard, and it never apologizes, never resigns, and will never be intimidated by an immature tantrum-throwing brat.

They will discover, but never admit, that bad social policy brings bad social result, and catastrophic misconceptions result in social catastrophe. While they send flowers to terrorists, the terrorists will send bombs. While they teach politically correct sex education, the Iranians will continue to murder homosexuals and adulterers. As they cavil about American imperialism, Russian and Chinese imperialists will throw them unceremoniously into gulags.

The very people who can stop this will be blamed. These are the people who work at jobs from which they can get fired if they under-perform. They are the people who make things that work, and then make them work better. They are people who understand that two plus three equals five regardless of who says so. Those people are the ones whom the spoiled brats will blame – blame for being greedy capitalists, blame for being insensitive to the plight of terrorists, blame for everything that has gone wrong since Cain murdered Abel.

Once those people are pushed out of society, then society will collapse. What might emerge from the ruins is anyone’s guess, but somehow I doubt it will be a society founded by white, slave-holding men risking their lives for a better America.

Oh, and one more thing. The environment will not stop changing.

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