Trump is No Reagan

by DTC, Guest Contributor

While vetting Donald Trump FROM THE RIGHT, I often wish I could reach through my computer screen and choke the mindless minion who was coached to say, “Reagan was a liberal democrat too.” Instead, I fruitlessly try to reason with them by saying, If anyone is going to USE Reagan to defend Clintonista Trump, they should get their facts straight.

Reagan switched parties in 1962, which is 5 years before he was elected Governor of California (YES… Reagan was a politician). Before that, Reagan’s views changed in the 1950’s, as he endorsed the presidential candidacies of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956, as well as Richard Nixon in 1960. Reagan gained national attention with his “A Time for Choosing” speech in support of conservative presidential contender Barry Goldwater in 1964. Even then, he didn’t immediately run for POTUS, but a lesser office to prove his credentials matched his rhetoric.

Reagan’s infamous “Time for Choosing” speech in support of Goldwater’s 1964 presidential run.In stark contrast, Trump supported the candidacy of Bill Clinton, TWICE… and credits Slick Willy as the best president in the last 20 years. He supported John Kerry’s presidential run in 2004, he supported Nancy Pelosi as Speaker in 2006, he supported and said Marxist Hillary would make a good president in 2008, he supported Obama and his policies (aka. Obama’s Stimulus Package, auto bailouts, foreign policy, etc) from 2008-11, he supported Harry Reid’s Senatorial campaign over Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle in 2010, and he didn’t change his supportive views on Obama or flip flopped on some liberal positions (abortion and gun control) until March of 2011, when he first ran for POTUS as a Republican.

Trump said in 2008, “I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president or vice-president.” Can you imagine Reagan endorsing McGovern or saying Carter would make a good president before running himself? He would have never won.

While Reagan boldly fought against Socialized Medicine in 1961, Trump STILL supports a Canadian style Socialist single payer system that is to the left of Obamacare.

If you fought with the Tea Party movement against Obamacare, yet support Trump, YOU are as much of a fraud as he is!
Reagan was the “Great Communicator” who artfully conveyed a vision of American Exceptionialism to the masses…

Ronald Reagan galvanized the American public through his famous speeches that helped redefine American politics in the 1980s.

While Clintonista Trump uses Twitter to break Reagan’s 11th commandment and vent his inner foul-mouthed juvenile…

“Look at that face! [Carly Fiorina] Would anyone vote for that?” ~ Donald Trump

“Ben Carson is a complete and total loser.” ~ Donald Trump

“Not a lot of evangelicals [Ted Cruz] come out of Cuba…” ~ Donald Trump

“I don’t think he’s [Ted Cruz] qualified to be president, look at the way he’s dealt with the Senate, where he goes in there like a — you know, frankly like a little bit of a maniac. You’re never going to get things done that way.” ~ Donald Trump

The fraud even insulted Reagan in his book, “The Art of the Deal.”

Trump’s mock of Reagan ironically mirrors who Trump really is. A “reality” TV performer who touts populous rhetoric he doesn’t believe solely for political expediency.

Reagan was a God-fearing Christian man, while at best, Trump is a deist who says, “I’m not sure I have ever asked God’s forgiveness. I don’t bring God into that picture.”

While the creep doesn’t ask forgiveness for supporting baby murder and baby murdering democrats most of his life, he has the nerve to criticize the faith of his GOP opponents, and use a Bible as a prop at the Values Voter Summit.

Please STOP comparing the fraud to Reagan. It’s an insult!

I Got Offended

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Dear University Presadent;

This letter is to inform you that I, a student, have recently been offended, and I demand that you do something about it.

While I do not recall all the exact details of the incident, they do not matter. What matters is that I got offended, and its you’re job to do something about it, which I hearby demand that you do.

Therefour, I herebuy demand that you fire all the white, straight professors in this university, to make sure that somebody is held responsible for my hurt feelings. Even if they did not do this one particular thing that offended me, that does not matter. What matters is that somebody pays, and it should knot be a member of a minority group, because they are all oppressed by white people. And even though I am a Caucasian, and I should be punished, well, now I’m getting confused, so stop it, and just fire them.

If not, then I will demon straight, and get others to do so.

And after you do that, resign in disgrace.

A student

Two Reasons Blacks Shouldn’t Hate Blue

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

The toxic interplay between police and Black communities have at least two reasons why it shouldn’t be so. Reason number one is necessity. Black hostages in urban war zones can’t unilaterally harm, kill nor imprison reigning criminals without incurring swift arrest and prosecution. Necessity dictates transcending mutual mistrust to become partners against those endangering residents and ( first ) responders.

When partnerships become the norm, complaints, law suits and federal consent decrees cease to profilerate. It also spurs inner city culture change where hostility and even assault upon officers are customary. By necessity, Black stakeholders and police are actually allies against the same violent opposition.

The second reason is similarity. Police and American Blacks are minorities, relative to the general populauion. The blue (or other color) uniform of law enforcement sets one apart from peers. It subjects one to heightened scrutiny, potential criminal sanction and prosecution.

American Blacks have also experienced heightened scrutiny, potential criminal sanction and prosecution. It’s ironic how similar claims of discrimination sound when said by police unions and civil rights groups. Black activists and police advocates both feel targeted and unfairly treated by society.

Embracing this overlooked similarity can end old hostility and build new community between factions whose contentious dynamic sets the tone of civil liberties and public safety for everyone.

Black folks and police have alot more in common than is apparent at first glance. When each side applies necessity and similarity to the other, they inevitably realize they’re on the same side.

Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black, Hostage Who Fights Back! Presenter of speech, “This Black Doesn’t Hate Blue!” for MLK Day, Black History Month or any occasion.

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The Most Important Event in History

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Whenever someone asks the question, what is the most significant event in history, they should be answered by being asked in return a simple question: what year are we in?

The standard calendar used by the world is the Gregorian calendar, which has the year, one, calculated to coincide with the birth of Jesus. Years which came before the birth of Jesus are denoted by the initials, B.C., or, Before Christ. 10 B.C. is the tenth year before Jesus was born.

Attempts have been made, and continue to be made, to replace the initials A.D. and B.C, with C.E. and B.C.E. The letters C.E. are taken to mean, Christian Era, or more sternly, Common Era.

These attempts, however, do not change anything. The calendar remains based in the year, one, and the reason for that is, that was the year which was calculated to be the year when Jesus was born. There is no avoiding that fact. (Some consider it unfair.)

The teachings of Jesus remain the most influential teachings in all of history. Even the apostles, steeped in the traditions of the Hebrew, Greek and Roman milieu, were astonished at His teachings. They were perplexed by them, and sometimes even hostile.

The Golden Rule is perhaps the most famous, and most revolutionary of Jesus’s teachings, along with the phrase, “turn the other cheek.” There are also many others that are embedded in modern law and ethics. For example, the concepts of mercy for wrongdoers, the requirement to forgive their trespasses, and to “let him without sin cast the first stone—“ these are but a few of the many, many influences on human thinking that have lifted the world from the practice of cruel and unusual punishment, to the practice of justice tempered with mercy, and the effort to rehabilitate those criminals who will repent.

If any one teaching of Jesus is central to His ministry, it may well be His concept of love, the love of God for all His children, and His command that we should love God, and love each other, even as much as we love ourselves.

The command to love even our enemies is utterly alien to most people, and is sometimes misunderstood to mean that we should stand aside while evildoers persecute the innocent.

Understanding the teachings of Jesus is not easy, nor is it meant to be. Such understanding requires much soul searching, much prayer and much practice. Those teachings transform souls.

Such understanding, however difficult, is possible. It is possible for the scholars of scripture, but it is equally possible for kings and shepherds alike.

Come. Let us adore Him.

Conservative or Liberal: Chess or Dice?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

In India, there is an ancient game similar to chess, but which involves not only skill, but dice-rolls as well. Both skill and luck play their roles in determining the outcome of the game. What has this to do with the issues of conservatism or liberalism?

A lot.

There are two types of people. We are defined by our locus of control. Some of us believe that we control our own destinies, and others of us believe that our destinies control us.

Of course that is a wild overstatement, but is that really my fault? Yes, it is.

In fact, few if any of us are at either extreme end of the scale. Most of us are somewhere in between. For some of us, our perceived locus of control is internal. We believe that we control our own destiny, at least to a large degree. To us, life is a chess game. For others of us, our perceived locus of control is external. Such people believe that their outcomes in life are mostly beyond their control. To them, life is a roll of the dice.

The question here is not who is right or wrong, but rather, how do we perceive our lot in life? How does that perception affect our outcomes? How does it affect our voting choices?

To be sure, we begin life in circumstances completely beyond our control. That’s the dice-roll part. As we get older, we attempt to take charge of our lives— at least some of us do. That’s the chess part.

In reality, we are playing Indian chess. Some of us focus on the strategy, others of us blame luck if we lose the game. The most successful players will make the best use of their luck by applying their skill. They may not always win, but the player who relies entirely on luck will almost always lose.

Studies (yes, the infamous “studies”) show that liberals tend to look at life more as a game of dice, less as a game of chess. That is why their tendency is to favor bigger government. While they may recognize that hard work, discipline and sensible life choices are important, they place far less emphasis on these than they do on factors beyond their control. In their view, big business is to blame for poverty, crime, and other social ills. As proof, they point to the many hard-working, honest people who live in poverty.

Conservatives recognize that there are major factors beyond our control, but we also recognize that, unless we can somehow take control, there is little point in complaining. We do what we can, and accept what we cannot control. We cannot control the weather. Nor can the government. (Is it not a deep irony that climate is the one thing that liberals think they can control?)

As a (mostly) conservative, the one major factor I have come to recognize as being beyond my control is the fact that so very many people are duped by liberalism. Even so, I won’t give up. This commentary is part of my effort to persuade them to stop blaming luck.

Monument(al) Manipulation

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu is racing against the city’s impending 300th anniversary to crown himself a Southern “Great Emancipator” (Imitator is more like it). Yesterday’s 6-1 vote to deem prominent Confederate monuments as nuisances hastens eventual removal, while accelarating racial tension at warp speed. I would be remiss not to also factor in the 2016 presidential election cycle and his prospects should a Democrat become our next president.

The success of either proposition rests upon manipulating Black – and White – pain into a political propellent which would make master manipulator Lyndon Baines Johnson green with envy.

Landrieu is banking on becoming a new “Great Emancipator” in these turbulent times, whose halo will blind inquiry into an autocratic legacy which, oddly enough, is racist toward Black autonomy and repressive regarding blue (police) sovereignty. The fact that mayor Mitch Landrieu is a monumental manipulator is one which we’ll rue as New Orleanians turn upon each other after transparent hubris ripped open old scabs better left untouched.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a hostage who fights back! He warns, “Every Confederate Monument Opponent Isn’t My Ally- Nor Every Confederate Monument Supporter My Enemy!”


UrbanSafetyism Defined

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Original inner city residents and newcomers face heightened security risks. Where these risks become chronic, enterprises evaporate… and so do communities!

“Nobody wants to do business in a warzone,” is a warning I’ve given for years. UrbanSafetyism arises from this crisis, enlisting merchants and event planners as partners – not bystanders – in protection. The day of the big guard (me) and little hostage (you) are over.

Headlines strongly suggest business owners, employees and customers often become de facto first responders as threats manifest. My role is to equip merchants, event planners and staff with an urgency to create awareness and responsibility everywhere (CARE), in the workplace. Less police on the streets means the private sector must own far more of its safety.

UrbanSafetyism is your partner in that process because areas too unsafe to do business eventually become wastelands.

Thank you for being safety adults mature enough not to wait for others to make your urban business, and community, safer.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, is an urban security consultant, i.e. “UrbanSafetyist,” who assists businesses and events in securing themselves. Visit his UrbanSafetyism YouTube channel and blog:

Sixties and Seventies Radicals: Root Cause of College and Nations Turmoil

By Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer

Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant – James Madison

You never let a serious crisis go to waste – Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief of Staff under President Obama

The bedrock of our Western civilization is unrecognizable since Barack Obama began his reign of terror on the American people and institutions of our country. Leftist politicians of The New Democratic Socialist Party, and the same sycophantic media that placed him in the White House, abets him at every turn.
Events of the last few years leave us pondering how we got to the point where up is down, down is up and the animals run the zoo. Crisis after crisis seemingly vies for our attention, and we speculate how and why our country, institutions, political system, Constitution, religion, and culture began slipping from the grasp of Americans.

Moreover, this militant administration unabashedly and arrogantly puts forth that constitutional policies are dangerous, racist, and extreme. Leftists, in fact, maintain theyrepresent mainstream America and followers of the founding principles are terrorists out to destroy the country. Their goal is to isolate
Americans and make them feel like aliens and strangers in America, and not representative of the mainstream.

If crises do not exist, then progressives create bogus problems, so their experts can feign solving them by applying their radical, dangerous, anti-American solutions. Liberal solutions to any problem always cost us money and/or freedom.

Most of the made-up issues of critical importance to Barack Obama and the left manifest themselves on college campuses and in the street. Most of these world-shaking problems involve “feelings” of overly coddled, immature young adults.

The prancing, stomping, and parading mobs rampaging through the streets of the nation and the halls of academia embody misinformed, immature, and lawless rabble. White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, are all groups of easily led, childish, ignorant people who have no clue how to succeed in a competitive society. Government intentionally creates these mobs by creating wedge issues, and then spurs them to action.

One of the freedoms that angers the left the most is free speech by others. In places where free speech was once a stronghold, professors, administrators, and students find it unacceptable if it wounds the feelings of others.

And so the radicals march!

Demanding safe zones from life, from reality, from ideas, and from everything that makes them uncomfortable or causes distress, is their mantra. Furthermore, society must offer these delicate doilies protection from everything that made America great. These mental lightweights are essentially the polluted, noxious, waste droppings of the extreme left-wing, and are the useful idiots to whom Lenin pointed as helpful in his revolution. They were also some of the first exterminated by Lenin, and if these naïve groups are ever unfortunate enough to live under the type of government they espouse, a similar fate would be in store.

Not too far in the distant past brave young men of their ages were storming the beaches of Normandy and islands in the Pacific to save the world. Likewise, young women supported the country’s war effort in the Services and factories. How did learning institutions degenerate to the point of sniveling, whining, weaklings demanding safe zones from life? How did we deteriorate so far from industrious, proud, independent, innovative people to these helpless, howling college students afraid of ideas?

The corrupt Main Stream Media highlight the perversion of the powder-puffs and are largely silent about the fine young people actually serving their country in the armed Services around the world.

The sad genesis of this downfall sprouted from seeds sown by Weatherman, domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, his wife, and other aging remnants of the sixties. This radical group of hippies, terrorists, and other anarchists of their era, changed their tactics from terrorist acts to simply embedding themselves into our higher learning institutions. This group and hundreds more cloned from the same mold, trained a new generation of fanatical, militant extremists. These experts toiled knowing change could work over time by indoctrinating American youth. Consequently, their long-awaited reeducation evolution into Marxism contaminates the political leaders, the media, primary education and other institutions of America today.

These learned disciples of Marx, Mao, Lenin, and other tyrants of the world, spiced their wickedness with Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Piven, Joseph Goebbels, and George Soros. The reactionaries learned well how a few dedicated oppressor’s conquered nations.

Hardcore Marxists and Communists of the intelligencia elite are the college professors and administrators whose life’s work is contaminating, polluting, and indoctrinating young people into their own special political cult. These so-called brainiacs are the most dangerous people in the country; principally because our government empowered them to mold young, malleable, impressionable minds. The 1930s indoctrination of young people by the National Socialist Party of Germany became their inspiration.

In their formative years, today’s students’ brains were systematically scrubbed and conditioned by a corrupt, incompetent educational system from kindergarten through high school. This mind-washing prepared them to accept the propaganda of malevolent ideas. It’s especially so, given young people are normally bent toward more liberal ideas. That is, until maturity opens the door to revelations of common sense and hopefully, wisdom. To the fanatic liberal, that door never opens.

Formerly, students studied classical literature; today these disciples study community organizing, multi-culturalism, and social justice. Where America’s youth once learned how to think, now they learn what to think. Previously, young people received an education; present-day students receive indoctrination into the blackest hole of ideas. These conceptions, espoused by the worst tyrants in world history, led to the enslavement and the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings. Children without strong parental bonds and guidance became drawn into the darkness of the progressive family.

Today’s radicals in academia, the media, and government, are the wicked stepchildren of previous generations. Unfortunately, they are a group of ideologues steadfastly resolved to destroying the American way of life. One of these evil stepchildren of the sixties radicals, is the standard-bearer of Marxist-Communist tyranny, Barack Obama. He single-mindedly and unwaveringly continues carrying out his pledge to “transform America.”

The Sons of Liberty are at war with the sons of evil. Freedom cannot be shouted down if freedom-fighters stand and protect America’s heritage and Constitution!

Epilogue: The difference between Marxists, New Democrats, Communists, leftists, socialists, liberals, and progressives, is the size of the boot and the degree of pressure applied to Americans’ necks. The least destructive of the lot will always ascend to the most destructive if left unchallenged. I alternate the use of these terms to avoid tedium, but the dogmas are analogous; dictatorial government ruling submissive subjects with an iron hand.

Jim Mullen

USSB: The United States of Spoiled Brats

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

We laugh. We hear college students being asked the most basic questions about American history, and many of them know nothing, or worse than nothing, they attribute lines from the Communist Manifesto to the Constitution. They say that we fought World War Two (or even the Civil War) against Russia. They cannot name the three branches of government.

Ha ha? There is nothing funny about this. These students will soon be running the country, but it gets even worse.

Tomorrow’s intelligentsia are spoiled brats. They are offended by anyone who does not share their most extremist opinions, and they believe that they (but not you) have a right not to be offended. They will tell you that facts do not matter, but only good intentions. When they do not get their way, they shout and scream until cowardly college administrators let them have their way.

A few years ago the company I worked for hired a computer technician, recently graduated from college, to manage our small computer system, which by most standards was very simple. He lasted one day. The poor fellow was lost from the start. Whatever other courses he may have excelled at – social studies, environmental issues or the fine arts – they are no substitute for the cold hard reality of electronic logic circuits. When computers crash, they crash.

Facts are intolerant. They care nothing about one’s feelings. The only way to learn those facts is to listen to the people who speak them, regardless whether the speaker is left or right, black or white, and regardless whether a spoiled brat thinks the speaker deserves to be heard.

Soon the old guard will have retired or died, and young college graduates, emerging from their sheltered lives, graduating from an environment which soothed their every hurt feeling, will confront reality. They will take the reins of social power, but they will discover, to their horror, that reality bites. It bites hard, and it never apologizes, never resigns, and will never be intimidated by an immature tantrum-throwing brat.

They will discover, but never admit, that bad social policy brings bad social result, and catastrophic misconceptions result in social catastrophe. While they send flowers to terrorists, the terrorists will send bombs. While they teach politically correct sex education, the Iranians will continue to murder homosexuals and adulterers. As they cavil about American imperialism, Russian and Chinese imperialists will throw them unceremoniously into gulags.

The very people who can stop this will be blamed. These are the people who work at jobs from which they can get fired if they under-perform. They are the people who make things that work, and then make them work better. They are people who understand that two plus three equals five regardless of who says so. Those people are the ones whom the spoiled brats will blame – blame for being greedy capitalists, blame for being insensitive to the plight of terrorists, blame for everything that has gone wrong since Cain murdered Abel.

Once those people are pushed out of society, then society will collapse. What might emerge from the ruins is anyone’s guess, but somehow I doubt it will be a society founded by white, slave-holding men risking their lives for a better America.

Oh, and one more thing. The environment will not stop changing.