Black and White Together Against The Chocolate Klan

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

An unlikely alliance has grown on the perilous periphery of politically correct racial crime coverage. Often conservative Whites on guard against chocolate Klansmen discover there are American Blacks also opposing these demons. Brothers like myself patrol the streets, secure beseiged playgrounds for free, speak out publically and mentor those few receptive to deprograming. We’re the de facto alternative to Black Lives Matter, given unapologetic advocacy against internal attrition and targeting of White victims.

We don’t endorse police brutality but understand it’s public brutality destroying us from within. This public brutality also launches weaponized youth into White neighborhoods like rockets raining down upon Israel.

Many of what I term, the protection wing of Black America, are old enough to bitterly recall when our community wasn’t over-run by junior grade chocolate Klansmen. Others are young men who, against all odds, also secure society against the worst of their peer group.

We don’t get much mainstream media coverage because Black men fighting back against urban predators runs contrary to liberals low opinion. Black media is often mum too-victim of an ideological gag order which mandates not spotlighting those who fight back too often.

I’ve been cursed out by chocolate Klan enablers, threatened online and had at least one lowlife try to recruit attackers. I interpret such foul feedback as proof I’m doing the right thing! Fortunately, often conservative outlets inform the rest of America about us. This has created an unlikely and, despite what you see on TV, growing alliance of Black and White hostages together against the chocolate Klan!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Hostage Who Fights Back! D-MN THE CHOCOLATE KLAN! Donate>>>Inflate My Debate!

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