Chocolate Klansmen Destroy American Blacks From Within

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

While police racial profiling – real and imagined – has Black youth disrupting presidential candidate speeches, a less publicized disruption happens in their community.

There are men, women and even children who take to the streets and provide much needed security and solace. I’m a member of this protection wing of Black America, taking up where free security of the Civil Rights era left off. Their foe was the Classic Klan, whose terrorism was chaperoned by “respectable” members of White Citizens Councils. Today’s Klan, a chocolate one, is much closer to home, launching mayhem from zombie zip codes kept in perpetual pain.

I oppose Chocolate Klansmen without apology because they assassinate nine-year olds in Chicago and shoot 15 New Orleans bystanders. Their evil is done under cover of Blackness and can’t be considered anything but an existential threat to Black lives which matter too, when the Klansman is one of us!

My group, SWS, and others (Detroit Street Watchers, MadDads, Concerned Black Men, etc.) nationally, provide pro bono protection in beseiged areas whose hostages can barely afford to pay attention, let alone for security. This focus isn’t in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s in opposition to Chocolate Klansmen destroying American Blacks from within, more frequently than cops some call racist and the next citizen compared to George Zimmerman.

We are fighting a two-front war against entrenched external bias and a Chocolate Klan doing to us what ISIS does globally. Chocolate Klansmen can only be stopped by Blacks securing and counseling ourselves!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, A Hostage Who Fights Back!

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