William Wallis for America

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As Left and Right out-shout each other, there’s one calm consevative voice willing to talk to anyone… and not just on his radio show.

William Wallis is a self-described, “old school Republican,” who talks about non-partisan freedoms (yes, with an s!) everywhere he goes. A small business owner with a passion for politics, he’s even been featured in Frederick Douglass Republicans founder K. Carl Smith’s groundbreaking video on its diversity-inclusion methodology.

On Tuesdays, 7pm Central, Wallis hosts a radio show on New Orleans WGSO radio station. It’s a platform for open discussion of current events, political issues and spotlights insight into subject matter not normally considered conservative. He’s interviewed gay and transgender conservatives, two groups few consider having Right-leaning membership. His open door policy allows civil discourse to flow off line and on air with folks bitterly opposed to conservatism. This openness animates his liberty agenda and distinguishes him from bombastic commentators.

The show’s topic this week asks listeners to join the host in sharing what they would do if they were elected president.

Dialogue, not monologue, is William Wallis’ trademark.

Tune in and log on Tuesday night at 7pm Central on AM 990 WGSO to experience William Wallis For America. Call in number is 504 556-9696. http://www.wgso.com

Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black, is an Anti Crime Activist and Urban Safety Consultant

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