Savannah Will Survive Crime and Decline

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

While gone from the Port City nearly seven years, I’ve nonetheless followed her descent into rampant crime and social decline. The current mayor hasn’t proven equal to the basic duty of government: providing public safety.

The time of socialites fiddling while the community burned is long gone. The hood and suburbs now feel the same stark terror. This dread weighs heavier than fabled humidity and hangs around longer than iconic moss. Unlike gnats easily dispatched with one swat, danger under this administration has risen to epidemic proportions. No amount of homespun humor nor imported experts blind hostage residents anymore.

The fact that there is a run-off for the mayors office tells us how many eyes are wide open seeking change. Inner city crime has flooded high income areas like Johnson Square, Bay St. and, incredibly, City Market.

Lack of public safety leadership has united protection proponents, prevention advocates, Democrats and Republicans to speak in one rare, single voice. This is a broad-based informal grouping I call, Savannah Will Survive ( SWS ) arrived at the same conclusion: in order to stop rampant crime and decline destroying all zip codes, Eddie Deloach must be the next mayor. Period. I agree.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Anti Crime Activist and Urban Safety Consultant whose advocacy began in the wasteland Midtown Savannah tragically became.

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