Those who do not learn the lessons of history . . .

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

In 1938, the world news was bleak. The prospects for yet another major, destructive world war were unmistakable, and yet much of the world stood by, hoping for the best. Here are a few from Europe:

German soldiers march into Austria; political and geographical union of Germany and Austria proclaimed.

Munich Pact—Britain, France, and Italy agree to let Germany partition Czechoslovakia.

Nazis destroy Jewish shops, homes, synagogues in Kristallnacht riots; 20,000-30,000 sent to concentration camps.

Things were no better in the Pacific, where Japan, having left the League of Nations, was committing massive atrocities against China and other nations in the region.

Fast forward to 2015. ISIS has captured much of Iraq, perpetrating massive atrocities against civilians, trampling upon soil once bled for by thousands of Americans. Russia has annexed Crimea, and is now moving into Syria, demanding that the United States withdraw.

In 2015, the world news is bleak. The prospects for yet another major, destructive world war are unmistakable, and yet much of the world stands by, hoping for the best.

Black and White Together Against The Chocolate Klan

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

An unlikely alliance has grown on the perilous periphery of politically correct racial crime coverage. Often conservative Whites on guard against chocolate Klansmen discover there are American Blacks also opposing these demons. Brothers like myself patrol the streets, secure beseiged playgrounds for free, speak out publically and mentor those few receptive to deprograming. We’re the de facto alternative to Black Lives Matter, given unapologetic advocacy against internal attrition and targeting of White victims.

We don’t endorse police brutality but understand it’s public brutality destroying us from within. This public brutality also launches weaponized youth into White neighborhoods like rockets raining down upon Israel.

Many of what I term, the protection wing of Black America, are old enough to bitterly recall when our community wasn’t over-run by junior grade chocolate Klansmen. Others are young men who, against all odds, also secure society against the worst of their peer group.

We don’t get much mainstream media coverage because Black men fighting back against urban predators runs contrary to liberals low opinion. Black media is often mum too-victim of an ideological gag order which mandates not spotlighting those who fight back too often.

I’ve been cursed out by chocolate Klan enablers, threatened online and had at least one lowlife try to recruit attackers. I interpret such foul feedback as proof I’m doing the right thing! Fortunately, often conservative outlets inform the rest of America about us. This has created an unlikely and, despite what you see on TV, growing alliance of Black and White hostages together against the chocolate Klan!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Hostage Who Fights Back! D-MN THE CHOCOLATE KLAN! Donate>>>Inflate My Debate!

Thanksgiving Tribute To First Responders

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As the recently released dashcam video of a Chicago cop shooting a young Black man inflames sensibilities, let’s use Thanksgiving to rise above their mayor’s stealth “let no crisis go to waste” ploy to rile up the 2016 progressive vote.

My concern about unaccountable police isn’t over-ridden by unpardonable racial politicking done by this former high-ranking member of the Obama administration. Instead, I’ll take this explosive instant to thank America’s first responders who risk life and limb to assist, regardless of race, reputation, religion or region.

Urban safety is the 21st Century civil rights movement and good cops are our best allies as we secure and counsel ourselves.

I’ve heard the frustration of officer complaints about Black hostages left vulnerable to violent crime. This vulnerability is due to politically correct refusal to take thugs off inner city streets… and high-handed hostility when we practice self-defense! I thank you, our first responders, for colorblind concern and want the record to reflect it.

Good cops on urban beats bring solace to senior citizens whose survival of Jim Crow doesn’t promise escaping today’s chocolate Klan in one peice. They give distant decision makers insight into locales unknown to
outsiders. I also know whether said insight becomes policy is another matter.

A good cop working beside inner city stakeholders is worth his or her weight in gold. Decades of advocacy introduced me to such gems and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express gratitude. As an inner city hostage opposing crime and contempt, I thank those first responders who treat stakeholders here as partners in protection and long delayed progress.

Happy Thanksgiving, first responders – some in the Hood appreciate you!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, A Hostage Who Fights Back!

Chocolate Klansmen Destroy American Blacks From Within

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

While police racial profiling – real and imagined – has Black youth disrupting presidential candidate speeches, a less publicized disruption happens in their community.

There are men, women and even children who take to the streets and provide much needed security and solace. I’m a member of this protection wing of Black America, taking up where free security of the Civil Rights era left off. Their foe was the Classic Klan, whose terrorism was chaperoned by “respectable” members of White Citizens Councils. Today’s Klan, a chocolate one, is much closer to home, launching mayhem from zombie zip codes kept in perpetual pain.

I oppose Chocolate Klansmen without apology because they assassinate nine-year olds in Chicago and shoot 15 New Orleans bystanders. Their evil is done under cover of Blackness and can’t be considered anything but an existential threat to Black lives which matter too, when the Klansman is one of us!

My group, SWS, and others (Detroit Street Watchers, MadDads, Concerned Black Men, etc.) nationally, provide pro bono protection in beseiged areas whose hostages can barely afford to pay attention, let alone for security. This focus isn’t in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s in opposition to Chocolate Klansmen destroying American Blacks from within, more frequently than cops some call racist and the next citizen compared to George Zimmerman.

We are fighting a two-front war against entrenched external bias and a Chocolate Klan doing to us what ISIS does globally. Chocolate Klansmen can only be stopped by Blacks securing and counseling ourselves!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, A Hostage Who Fights Back!

My Security Narrative

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As headlines scream vigilance in the wake of recent attacks in Paris, it’s timely that I re-visit my security narrative.

My role in this occupation combines being a professional with advocacy. My initial experience as a uniformed security officer evolved into stints as a plainclothes bounty hunter, store detective, bouncer, and, ultimately, urban safety consultant. This experience focuses on specific locations and liaison with police, undergirds advocacy where I write, do YouTube commentary and media interviews, on local and national outlets like CNN and Al Jazeera America.

As an advocate, I also promote select people and principles; chiefly, awareness, self defense, citizens on patrol and police privatization-which rarely witness input from inner city stakeholders. It birthed my primary creations: respect representatives (“respect reps”) for urban populations to mediate themselves and CARE, creating awareness and responsibility everywhere, enlisting employees to stop unintentionally enabling workplace crime.

This is my security narrative, a concept focusing professional background, consulting and advocacy on behalf of the ultimate “client” society, in all its phases.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black

End it. Finish it.

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Most of us have known the answer for a long time.

It is, “Kill them all.”

What a horrible thing that is to say, but when it comes to devising a plan to protect ourselves from the Islamist terrorists, there is no other reasonable strategy. None. So long as there is even one Islamist terrorist left alive, he will recruit others, and the result will be more dead – more murdered children, women, and men.

The recruiting ground for terrorists is mosques. Again, what a horrible thing to say, yet the truth is undeniable. Large Moslem populations tend to be led by radical Islamists, or by secular tyrants.

I say this knowing that, and this has become cliche, many Moslems are not inclined toward violent jihad. There are imams in mosques who alert police to radicals in their midst, and cooperate in preventing acts of terrorism. So then, how can I say the things I am saying?

I say them because by and large, Islamists are not inclined toward the freedoms practiced in the West. Our traditions of liberty are alien to them, even anathema. Even those Moslems who would never raise a hand in violence often sympathize with those who do. God bless the exceptions. Let us struggle to accommodate them wherever possible. Let us not, however, forget that our prmary goal must be to prevent the next act of terrorism.

And let us reject the mythology that enables further terrorism.

For example, it is not true that when we defend ourselves we become more like them. Defending ourselves from Nazis did not make us into Nazis.

It is untrue that killing terrorists only recruits more terrorists. What recruits terrorists is the appearance that terrorism is succeeding. Radicalized fanatics will not be dissuaded by anything except ther own death. Would-be terrorists, however, cannot be recruited by dead terrorists.

Gentle people may be sincerely unable to do what is necessary. Radical leftists may be oblivious to the danger, or even sympathetic to it.

Most of us, however, get it.

Let Us Mock France No More

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

In the wake of multiple coordinated terrorist attacks, the president of France – a socialist who isn’t spineless – said two memorable things: that his nation’s response will be “ruthless” and that his borders are closed.

In the past, the Right has made many jokes at France’s expense but we forgot she was instrumental in winning our Revolutionary War. We give short shrift to the heroic Underground and Free French Army of the Second World War. We overlook her Foreign Legion, men with nothing to lose, whose feats are legendary and whose defeat in the former Indo-China (Vietnam) should have been a warning to the U.S.

From yesterday’s bloody day forward, conservatives fearful that America is too open to those anxious to shut her eyes forever will have to turn their gaze to a country we ridiculed to see warrior leadership tragically missing in action at home!

Let us mock France no more because she’s taking things seriously, while sadly, the joke is on a crippled America – to borrow a book title.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a hostage who fights back and knows he’s not the only one!

William Wallis for America

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

As Left and Right out-shout each other, there’s one calm consevative voice willing to talk to anyone… and not just on his radio show.

William Wallis is a self-described, “old school Republican,” who talks about non-partisan freedoms (yes, with an s!) everywhere he goes. A small business owner with a passion for politics, he’s even been featured in Frederick Douglass Republicans founder K. Carl Smith’s groundbreaking video on its diversity-inclusion methodology.

On Tuesdays, 7pm Central, Wallis hosts a radio show on New Orleans WGSO radio station. It’s a platform for open discussion of current events, political issues and spotlights insight into subject matter not normally considered conservative. He’s interviewed gay and transgender conservatives, two groups few consider having Right-leaning membership. His open door policy allows civil discourse to flow off line and on air with folks bitterly opposed to conservatism. This openness animates his liberty agenda and distinguishes him from bombastic commentators.

The show’s topic this week asks listeners to join the host in sharing what they would do if they were elected president.

Dialogue, not monologue, is William Wallis’ trademark.

Tune in and log on Tuesday night at 7pm Central on AM 990 WGSO to experience William Wallis For America. Call in number is 504 556-9696.

Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black, is an Anti Crime Activist and Urban Safety Consultant

Savannah Will Survive Crime and Decline

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

While gone from the Port City nearly seven years, I’ve nonetheless followed her descent into rampant crime and social decline. The current mayor hasn’t proven equal to the basic duty of government: providing public safety.

The time of socialites fiddling while the community burned is long gone. The hood and suburbs now feel the same stark terror. This dread weighs heavier than fabled humidity and hangs around longer than iconic moss. Unlike gnats easily dispatched with one swat, danger under this administration has risen to epidemic proportions. No amount of homespun humor nor imported experts blind hostage residents anymore.

The fact that there is a run-off for the mayors office tells us how many eyes are wide open seeking change. Inner city crime has flooded high income areas like Johnson Square, Bay St. and, incredibly, City Market.

Lack of public safety leadership has united protection proponents, prevention advocates, Democrats and Republicans to speak in one rare, single voice. This is a broad-based informal grouping I call, Savannah Will Survive ( SWS ) arrived at the same conclusion: in order to stop rampant crime and decline destroying all zip codes, Eddie Deloach must be the next mayor. Period. I agree.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Anti Crime Activist and Urban Safety Consultant whose advocacy began in the wasteland Midtown Savannah tragically became.