Zombies and the Last Conservative Cause

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Halloween 2015 is a perfect backdrop for discussing two top topics: zombies and self-defense, which I once called the last conservative cause. Self-defense is an act of supreme autonomy. In an anti-autonomous age, it’s also at risk of legislative extinction.

The tragic necessity of self-defense is graphically depicted Sunday nights on the American Movie Channel (AMC). The Walking Dead television series is a hypnotic study on how the individual either defends himself at all costs or succumbs to something worse than death. The folly of opposing self-defense is illustrated in the plight of Alexandria, a walled community – I promise not to invoke Donald Trump – with the suicidal distinction of being a gun-free zone in the belly of Zombieland.

Full disclosure: Zombieland is also a favorite genre movie, one which I watched tonight. The walled community in The Walking Dead was attacked by a group of murderous nihilists aptly named, Wolves. It was doubly painful watching unarmed survivors cut down by knives and axes within walking distance of an arsenal. I hope the congresswoman who founded Alexandria will re-think her gun-free stance, since it cost her husband’s life – who erected the wall – and many neighbors too. The storyline doesn’t mention political affiliation because it’s irrelevant. In the series, as in real life, we face this conclusion: you don’t have to be a Republican to practice self-defense as the last conservative cause because your life is what will be conserved – not partisan talking points!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black uses zombie fiction as a lens to assess societal decline. He also sneaks up behind an unaware associate and startles him by warning, “Beware the zombie swarm!” http://www.gofundme.com/capblack

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