What is Conservatism Conserving?

by Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black

The landscape of the American body politic is littered with cultural wreckage: marriage undone and national identity steadily unraveled by amnesty-addicted bi-partisanship. Conservatism has almost become a political punchline whose power doesn’t seemingly extend much farther than some state capitols, networks (terrestrial and online), think tanks and talkshows.

As the 2016 presidential race gains momentum, its frontrunner, Donald Trump, isn’t a conservative by current standards. His candidacy shows just how impotent many card-carrying conservatives have become after repeatedly being steamrolled by a progressive coalition which would have been laughed out of the pre-Obama Democratic National Convention. The Right seems relegated to keyboard combatants whose fallen spirits are lifted by optical injections of Fox News, One America News Network, the Blaze, etc. In a country where violent illegal aliens lounge in enabling sanctuary cities and being transgender isn’t proof of severe mental illness or demonic possession, is it any wonder I join a cultural choir asking, what is conservatism conserving? Not much, if one is keeping score.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to the Bold Pursuit, a free security activist in the Hood where it’s desperately needed and a traditionalist in a post-traditional America


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