Death of a Republic

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Politics is often nothing more than a squabble. Sadly, this is what the Republican Party has become.

Were you and I, along with a few of our closest friends, to start up a new corporation, we would quickly do one of two things. We would find a way to organize ourselves for a common purpose, or else, we would self-destruct as a corporation.

Organizing ourselves would require that we select from among ourselves a leader, and also, a set of guiding principles by which the corporation is governed.

Selecting a leader might become contentious, and once again, we would either select the best leader or self-destruct.

Let’s say a particular number of us all wish to be the CEO, the chief executive officer, the leader. The competition could be very positive, or it could be destructive. We could each state our abilities, our vision and our plan, and let the other members decide who best meets the needs of the corporation. Or else, each of us could attempt to demean the others, to recruit members to our particular faction, and do intra-corporate battle, while watching the corporation degenerate into a squabble.

It is discouraging to see the latter take place in the party which we hoped would implement conservative policies to restore constitutional government.

Ronald Reagan’s principle of, never speak ill of a fellow Republican, has been discarded, much to the delight of the Democrat Party.

Farewell, America. Alas, we knew ye well.

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