Bush VS Obama Part 6: The Score

by Sean A. LangleyGuest Contributor

Military Action:
Massive victory for Bush.

Bush had morally questionable reasons and even actions but ultimately stayed within the realm of the law and Constutition.
Obama ended the war in Iraq legally but controversially with adverse consequences to the Middle East and committed two major violations of the Constitution, one of which did bring the end the leader of the Taliban, the other gave power to the Taliban itself.

Immigration Policy:
Legal Victory for Bush

Bush made an attempt to legalize illegal immigrants attaining work rights but followed legal policy to try and make it a law and failed. He voiced his disapproval but ultimately accepted it.
Obama made an action that was illegal on Constitutional and Federal laws, one that has been rejected and is legal grounds for impeachment.

Employment: Massive Victory for BUSH

Bush made more than a few mistakes towards the end, but ultimately his entire two terms have been superior to Obama.
Obama took many immediate actions, invested hundreds of billions of dollars, had full support of Congress but ultimately has yet to outdo Bush for even a single full year.

Energy: Minor victory for Obama

Bush drastically increased the original usage of clean energy. However, Obama surpassed Bush in that aspect by 17%.

Debt: Massive Victory for Bush

Bush came out at about $4billion added debt after both terms. Obama has more than doubled that amount before his second term has even ended.

Environment:Minor victory for Obama

Neither President really different much for the Environment, but Obama has shown more concern and taken more action than Bush did.

That’s the bottom line of it all. Those facts are not disputable, they are scientific, mathematical and historical. Which means they are not going to be debated or changed. So when you remember that Obama is the 4th lowest approved President in the U.S. History and that Bush is liked more than Obama, it’s not about skin color. It’s about intellect and integrity. You can like Obama all you want.

You can’t say he was a better President.

I’m Sean and those are the stone, cold hard facts.

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