United For America

by Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Bkack), Contributing Writer

While voices (and blood pressure) rise nationally over the Confederate battle flag, I thought I’d share the above image featuring myself and none other than my super-brother Justin Tyme, the Redneck Superman.

As usual, I provided the wording and general layout. He provided the graphic design “magic” and the above image is the result.

We both practice creative patriotism in the areas of helping others, patrolling the community, promoting police/community unity, supporting the troops and standing up for traditional values.

Americans can unite, regardless of pigment, when they share the same principles. Look at the above image again if you doubt me.

Let me take July 4th, 2015, to publically state that any country which can birth a super-brother like Justin Tyme is well worth blood, sweat and tears to support!

He’s always an inbox request away and fights the Good Fight daily for God and Country.

While some wonder if this country is still united, rest assured Cap Black the Hood Conservative and Justin Tyme, the Redneck Superman stand united for America – just like the publisher, contributors and readership of The Bold Pursuit!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a Free Security Activist who feels strangers are worth protecting for FREE! Creator, #Cap Black Is Here!blog:
504 214-3082

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