America: Going Stupid

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Has America gone stupid? What does that even mean?

Engineers who build and design robots to carry out complex tasks, sometimes observe their carefully crafted machines do something that is called, “going stupid.” Robots go stupid when, despite their extremely high artificial intelligence, they repeatedly try for example, to walk through a brick wall, or to open a door from the hinged side, tearing it apart.

Nations go stupid also. In the twentieth century, the rise of a number of totalitarian governments in Germany and Russia, China and Japan, and elsewhere, led these nations into chaos and utter ruin. Each of them provides a textbook study of the global version of going stupid. Perhaps best known is the 12-year debacle under Adolph Hitler that ruined Germany, but other examples abound. Hitler’s stupidity is more widely known, and his crimes unimaginably vicious, so he exemplifies the phenomenon.

In his early career, Hitler seemed to his public to be doing everything right, and he met with success after success, the pinnacle being the surrender of France. After that, however, Hitler demonstrated breathtaking stupidity in nearly every decision he made, from his failure to destroy the British Royal Air Force (he decided to bomb civilian targets instead), to his invasion of a much needed ally, Russia, turning a necessary accomplice into an implacable enemy that ultimately overran Germany.

Historians say much the same about Hirohito’s Japan, about Mussolini’s Italy, Mao’s China, and even about Stalin’s Russia. All provide examples of nations with enormous potential for good, but which turned instead to barbarism, and paid the price in millions of dead.

Is it now America’s turn?

We are a nation vastly rich in natural resources, able to feed the world, and to energize it with fuel. Moreover, we are founded upon bedrock principles of self-government, self-reliance, and liberty. Our values are the synthesis of the traditional Hebrew and the classical Greek, joined into one in the form of Christian morality.

It would seem that a world hungering for justice would imitate us, and transform itself into a flowering garden of prosperity.

Instead, America is imitating the world. We are abandoning the principles that lifted us to global preeminence, and becoming what was once called a “banana republic.”

We now live in a nation where the law is disregarded by courts which ignore the statutes, while writing into the law, words that are nowhere reflected in the Constitution. We have a president who openly declares that he will override Congress, and a cowardly legislature so addicted to its perquisites that it refuses to exercise its powers and avoids performing its duties, focusing instead only on retaining for each congressman his offices, no matter the cost to the nation. Our information media have become the propaganda arm of the social left, deceiving rather than informing.

Our universities define free speech as the silencing of anyone who disagrees with socialist professors.

Our scientists are declaring that the debate about global warming is over, despite the fact that even Mars is warming up due to solar fluctuations. Much of the general public demands government-provided entitlements while eschewing any sense of responsibility for their own actions.

America’s allies no longer trust us, while our enemies no longer fear us. Iran’s nuclear ambitions are to destroy Israel, and ultimately the United States, while the president dithers over which t’s to cross in a treaty that is worthless on its face.

We have abolished the definition of marriage, and predictably and instantly, the activists have turned their attention to legalizing polygamy. Freedom of association has also been abolished, as anyone who refuses to assist in a celebration of homosexuality becomes vulnerable to lawsuits. At least one newspaper (Penn Live) has announced that it will no longer print letters to the editor which challenge the morality of same-sex marriage.

Once a robot goes stupid, it cannot be repaired with a simple tweak of an electronic component. It goes stupid because somewhere in its fundamental design, somewhere in a logic circuit, somewhere in a programming procedure, a human has, so to speak, gone stupid.

America has gone stupid, and the consequences will be unimaginably catastrophic. The only remedy is the one prescribed by Sarah Palin, which is, “sudden and relentless reform.”

There is great danger in doing that. The first step will be for the states to seize back from the federal government the 10th Amendment, the one that limits the powers of the federal government and grants all other powers to the people through their states.

The federal government will never willingly cede back the power it has stolen, and the states will be unlikely to develop the resolve to defy that government.

Therefore, reform will remain all but impossible, at least until ruin devastates us.

We have become Germany, 1938.

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