This Flag Offends Me— Remove it!

by Robert Arvay,
Contributing Writer

As I was walking on a city street, I noticed a flag which to me symbolizes slavery, racism and violence on a massive scale.

It is a simple flag, a white background with a red disk in the middle. It is the flag of Japan, and it reminds me of the unprovoked attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harboron December 7, 1941. It reminds me of the rape of Nan-King, the slaughter of millions of Chinese, Filipinos and Koreans in the 1930s and 1940s.

The atrocities that occurred under this flag were widespread, and brutal on a scale that we can barely imagine.

It is an insult and a disgrace for this flag to be flown anywhere at all, much less on American soil, a nation which lost hundreds of thousands of young lives in the necessary defense of our nation from the Japanese, and their equally insidious allies, the Germans.

I also oppose the official display of the battle flag of the Confederacy. Let’s remove both.

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