Lies, Videotapes and Emails

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Frankly, I don’t care about Rachel Dolezal’s race. If she is Caucasian “passing” as black, it makes no difference to me.

What does make a difference is that she symbolizes a growing part of our culture in which facts do not matter anymore, and in which truth is considered irrelevant. This is not just a matter of people claiming to be something they are not, it is a matter of law and justice.

The law in some localities states that if a man claims to be a woman, then he is indeed a woman, entitled to use the women’s shower at the local gym.1

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren claims to be an American Indian, at least for purposes of benefiting from scholarships set aside for indigenous natives. Did she commit financial fraud by taking something intended for Native Americans?

Rachel Dolezal is a paid member of the Spokane, Washington City Council, with her membership based on her false claim to being of African descent. 2 An investigation is now underway, and criminal wrongdoing may be found.

Today, untolled numbers of Americans believe that Michael Brown was shot in the back while running away with his hands up, while trying to surrender to police – who were viciously hunting down unarmed black youth. The facts contradict this belief, but facts do not matter to those who believe this. Even if people say that Brown was both running away from – and toward – the police at the same time, a self-contradiction, this does not make any difference. To those who believe that Brown was a “Gentle Giant,” despite being on video committing strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, the video makes no difference.

Every year, many hundreds of Americans are murdered, and the victims are disproportionately black, as are their killers. In many communities, including Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown died, it is the black residents who are most vocal about needing a strong and aggressive police presence. I would not be surprised if more than half of 911 calls for police assistance come from black people.

Rachel Dolezal is simply the latest example of a growing trend, one which has even infiltrated science. Man-made global warming is, to many people, a settled scientific fact despite the evidence to the contrary. The solutions proposed are, of course, not innovation in the private sector, but rather ever more powerful government, and ever less personal freedom. The solution (socialism) needed a problem, and global warming serves that role.

Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, were precipitated by a video. I still await her retraction of that self-serving claim. Perhaps it is among her deleted emails.

According to the New York Times, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and his wife received seventeen traffic tickets. Seventeen! How is this man still driving? Oh… Rubio actually received only four citations, and these were over a seventeen year period. Since this is obviously not a scandal, the Times added Mrs. Rubio’s thirteen tickets to the couple’s total, making it appear that Marco Rubio himself is a road-rage maniac. The Times substituted obfuscation for facts, burying the details further down in the story. The purpose, of course, was not to inform Times readers, but to deceive them.

A nation in which the people cannot agree on what the facts are is in trouble. A nation which cannot agree that the facts are important is lost.

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