Racist America, Rant Part 2

by Sean A. LangleyGuest Contributor

Finally, the eagerly awaited Rant, Part 2.

In Part 1, I vented about racism in America and the influence of our news media in race relations. Let’s review a little history, shall we?

Racism is not an exclusively white or American phenomenon.

Native Africans had their own slaves, via tribes, when they were brought over to the U.S. Slavery still exists in part of Africa, the first slave-owner in America himself was African and wanted slaves, in accordance to African culture. African-Americans are now free people, whose ancestors earned their citizenship time and time again. They didn’t resent White people, just White racists. They were grateful for White soldiers serving in the Union to defeat the South and ensure that ALL African-Americans are granted freedom.

Union soldiers fighting and dying to secure freedom from slavery is something that some African-Americans forget. With the passage of time, memories dim and it’s hard to recollect how many ordinary, Caucasian Americans died to ensure their freedom and did not believe it a vain sacrifice, but one worth making. A forgetfulness made obvious by idiots like Chris Brown who say “White people must pay for what their ancestors did.”

The hell we do. What my father did and those of his generation – that’s not on my tab. Nor my grandfather’s or anyone else. Regardless, most of my family came from overseas and wasn’t even here during the era of slavery. So, Mr. Rock, that’s one stupid freakin’ comment, as it’s obvious there’s a lot of White Americans of European, Celtic and/or other ethnic backgrounds that were not even here during the time of slavery or ever owned slaves. How can they be responsible?

And what happened at the end of those riots in Baltimore? The National Guard strolled in and boy howdy, did you lose all your toughness! Over 200 arrests. Where were all those tough guys with the bricks and rocks when armed soldiers marched down the streets? Oh, wait. You stopped, stared in fear, tucked your tails between your legs and ran off like cowards.

I’ll never forget as they marched throughout Baltimore, there were videos and pictures of people, black and white, thanking them for their service, thanking them for protecting them against the rioters. You really think you’re making a statement? Only thing you’re doing is painting a bull’s-eye on your back and asking for it.

I’m glad they busted you up. I savored every moment of your defeat, of your evil, violent behaviour being brutally beaten down, handcuffed, stuffed into trucks and cars like common criminals on video’s over YouTube and now serving time with criminals who aren’t at all impressed by the rocks you tossed.

You’ll lose everytime. Every single time, you’ll get the National Guard, every single time stories will be told of the innocent people you harmed and the lives you ruined in violent arrogance and selfishness.

If you think something was wrong, then protest as you see fit. March around. Tell people how you feel. Get petitions signed and sent up to political leadership, where the real power is. Carry signs declaring how you feel for everyone to see to make others aware. Write articles and post them on websites, record videos of speeches and post them all over the Internet. Doit within the law, like civilized, decent Americans. And please, at least TRY to get the facts from an unbiased source, like the actual police report and/or court records, not from sensationlist news media.

Baseball bats, fires, bricks, rocks and harming innocent men and women? Not acceptable. If you can’t act like a decent American, then don’t expect to get treated like one.

To the good people in the Black communities that don’t buy into this “he’s white so he’s obviously racist against black people” or “all cops are demons that are against all blacks,” to all those that don’t expect anyone to give them anything extra for their skin color, to all the good people in the black community doing all they can to just get by in life, I am sorry. I am sorry that these rioters are in the news more than stories of struggling people who suffer under this economy but are still trying, still contributing and still upholding what it is to be an American. Not black American or white American just AMERICAN. I am sorry that this horrible racism displayed by riots is making the black community look bad and I pray that you continue to resist it and remain dedicated to the dream of America that so many of all our ancestors fought and died for in wars: That we could come together simply as Americans, all of us contributing to this country,not taking advantage of it and be all better and stronger for it.

To the rioters, you’re only making yourself look worse and we’re not feeling sorry or intimidated by you at all. It’s only a matter of time before towns start training militia’s to combat you. You’re not freedom fighters and you’re not getting your way.

You’re just getting your asses spanked for it.

I loved that video of that black mother smackin’ her rioter son around in front of everyone chewing his ass out publicly! No, not a black mother….A good American woman, trying to slap some knowledge in her son.

I’m Sean and that’s what I think.

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