America: Going Stupid

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Has America gone stupid? What does that even mean?

Engineers who build and design robots to carry out complex tasks, sometimes observe their carefully crafted machines do something that is called, “going stupid.” Robots go stupid when, despite their extremely high artificial intelligence, they repeatedly try for example, to walk through a brick wall, or to open a door from the hinged side, tearing it apart.

Nations go stupid also. In the twentieth century, the rise of a number of totalitarian governments in Germany and Russia, China and Japan, and elsewhere, led these nations into chaos and utter ruin. Each of them provides a textbook study of the global version of going stupid. Perhaps best known is the 12-year debacle under Adolph Hitler that ruined Germany, but other examples abound. Hitler’s stupidity is more widely known, and his crimes unimaginably vicious, so he exemplifies the phenomenon.

In his early career, Hitler seemed to his public to be doing everything right, and he met with success after success, the pinnacle being the surrender of France. After that, however, Hitler demonstrated breathtaking stupidity in nearly every decision he made, from his failure to destroy the British Royal Air Force (he decided to bomb civilian targets instead), to his invasion of a much needed ally, Russia, turning a necessary accomplice into an implacable enemy that ultimately overran Germany.

Historians say much the same about Hirohito’s Japan, about Mussolini’s Italy, Mao’s China, and even about Stalin’s Russia. All provide examples of nations with enormous potential for good, but which turned instead to barbarism, and paid the price in millions of dead.

Is it now America’s turn?

We are a nation vastly rich in natural resources, able to feed the world, and to energize it with fuel. Moreover, we are founded upon bedrock principles of self-government, self-reliance, and liberty. Our values are the synthesis of the traditional Hebrew and the classical Greek, joined into one in the form of Christian morality.

It would seem that a world hungering for justice would imitate us, and transform itself into a flowering garden of prosperity.

Instead, America is imitating the world. We are abandoning the principles that lifted us to global preeminence, and becoming what was once called a “banana republic.”

We now live in a nation where the law is disregarded by courts which ignore the statutes, while writing into the law, words that are nowhere reflected in the Constitution. We have a president who openly declares that he will override Congress, and a cowardly legislature so addicted to its perquisites that it refuses to exercise its powers and avoids performing its duties, focusing instead only on retaining for each congressman his offices, no matter the cost to the nation. Our information media have become the propaganda arm of the social left, deceiving rather than informing.

Our universities define free speech as the silencing of anyone who disagrees with socialist professors.

Our scientists are declaring that the debate about global warming is over, despite the fact that even Mars is warming up due to solar fluctuations. Much of the general public demands government-provided entitlements while eschewing any sense of responsibility for their own actions.

America’s allies no longer trust us, while our enemies no longer fear us. Iran’s nuclear ambitions are to destroy Israel, and ultimately the United States, while the president dithers over which t’s to cross in a treaty that is worthless on its face.

We have abolished the definition of marriage, and predictably and instantly, the activists have turned their attention to legalizing polygamy. Freedom of association has also been abolished, as anyone who refuses to assist in a celebration of homosexuality becomes vulnerable to lawsuits. At least one newspaper (Penn Live) has announced that it will no longer print letters to the editor which challenge the morality of same-sex marriage.

Once a robot goes stupid, it cannot be repaired with a simple tweak of an electronic component. It goes stupid because somewhere in its fundamental design, somewhere in a logic circuit, somewhere in a programming procedure, a human has, so to speak, gone stupid.

America has gone stupid, and the consequences will be unimaginably catastrophic. The only remedy is the one prescribed by Sarah Palin, which is, “sudden and relentless reform.”

There is great danger in doing that. The first step will be for the states to seize back from the federal government the 10th Amendment, the one that limits the powers of the federal government and grants all other powers to the people through their states.

The federal government will never willingly cede back the power it has stolen, and the states will be unlikely to develop the resolve to defy that government.

Therefore, reform will remain all but impossible, at least until ruin devastates us.

We have become Germany, 1938.

Lies, Videotapes and Emails

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Frankly, I don’t care about Rachel Dolezal’s race. If she is Caucasian “passing” as black, it makes no difference to me.

What does make a difference is that she symbolizes a growing part of our culture in which facts do not matter anymore, and in which truth is considered irrelevant. This is not just a matter of people claiming to be something they are not, it is a matter of law and justice.

The law in some localities states that if a man claims to be a woman, then he is indeed a woman, entitled to use the women’s shower at the local gym.1

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren claims to be an American Indian, at least for purposes of benefiting from scholarships set aside for indigenous natives. Did she commit financial fraud by taking something intended for Native Americans?

Rachel Dolezal is a paid member of the Spokane, Washington City Council, with her membership based on her false claim to being of African descent. 2 An investigation is now underway, and criminal wrongdoing may be found.

Today, untolled numbers of Americans believe that Michael Brown was shot in the back while running away with his hands up, while trying to surrender to police – who were viciously hunting down unarmed black youth. The facts contradict this belief, but facts do not matter to those who believe this. Even if people say that Brown was both running away from – and toward – the police at the same time, a self-contradiction, this does not make any difference. To those who believe that Brown was a “Gentle Giant,” despite being on video committing strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, the video makes no difference.

Every year, many hundreds of Americans are murdered, and the victims are disproportionately black, as are their killers. In many communities, including Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown died, it is the black residents who are most vocal about needing a strong and aggressive police presence. I would not be surprised if more than half of 911 calls for police assistance come from black people.

Rachel Dolezal is simply the latest example of a growing trend, one which has even infiltrated science. Man-made global warming is, to many people, a settled scientific fact despite the evidence to the contrary. The solutions proposed are, of course, not innovation in the private sector, but rather ever more powerful government, and ever less personal freedom. The solution (socialism) needed a problem, and global warming serves that role.

Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, were precipitated by a video. I still await her retraction of that self-serving claim. Perhaps it is among her deleted emails.

According to the New York Times, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and his wife received seventeen traffic tickets. Seventeen! How is this man still driving? Oh… Rubio actually received only four citations, and these were over a seventeen year period. Since this is obviously not a scandal, the Times added Mrs. Rubio’s thirteen tickets to the couple’s total, making it appear that Marco Rubio himself is a road-rage maniac. The Times substituted obfuscation for facts, burying the details further down in the story. The purpose, of course, was not to inform Times readers, but to deceive them.

A nation in which the people cannot agree on what the facts are is in trouble. A nation which cannot agree that the facts are important is lost.

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This Flag Offends Me— Remove it!

by Robert Arvay,
Contributing Writer

As I was walking on a city street, I noticed a flag which to me symbolizes slavery, racism and violence on a massive scale.

It is a simple flag, a white background with a red disk in the middle. It is the flag of Japan, and it reminds me of the unprovoked attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harboron December 7, 1941. It reminds me of the rape of Nan-King, the slaughter of millions of Chinese, Filipinos and Koreans in the 1930s and 1940s.

The atrocities that occurred under this flag were widespread, and brutal on a scale that we can barely imagine.

It is an insult and a disgrace for this flag to be flown anywhere at all, much less on American soil, a nation which lost hundreds of thousands of young lives in the necessary defense of our nation from the Japanese, and their equally insidious allies, the Germans.

I also oppose the official display of the battle flag of the Confederacy. Let’s remove both.

How Harvard University is Defending Us Against the “Yellow Peril”

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

In the 1920s, someone noticed that China had (symbolically speaking) more people than the UShad bullets. In an era of low technology (by today’s standards), it was feared that China had enough people to swarm over the entire United States. Only a few years earlier, the German army had “swarmed over” Belgium and other European countries, so it was perhaps natural that newspapers of the era ran terrifying headlines about the “Yellow Peril,” the color being used in reference to the perceived skin color of Asians.

About half a century later, in the 1970s, American immigration policies that previously had strictly limited immigration from Asia were loosened. Asians began arriving in America (although not swarming) in large numbers. One of them was my wife, who soon became a US citizen.

In that era of emphasis on minority rights, universities invited Asian Americans to enroll, and they did. Did they ever! Within a decade, it seemed to some people that the student body would be overwhelmingly Asian. Poor us, it seemed that we Caucasians would become a tiny minority on campus.

The “problem,” it was soon discovered, was that college admissions, at the time, were based on something called, “merit.” If you look up the word, “merit,” in the politically correct dictionary of socialist America (if there is no such dictionary, there should be), you will find this definition. Merit. An antiquated and unfair system of racial discrimination that unfairly oppresses black and latino applicants for college. Or whatever.

To remedy this unfairness, quota systems were established to ensure that the “proper” percentage of college students would be black and latino, regardless of academic qualifications, or lack thereof. As a result, many seats in college classrooms were, in effect, reserved for black and latino students only. Whites and Asians need not apply for those seats. More highly qualified students were displaced, that is, denied admission, in favor of less qualified applicants. It’s the American way. (Sarcasm, of course.)

When the courts ruled that quotas are discriminatory, the colleges quickly learned to evade those rulings, by redefining the word, “qualified.” Whereas before, qualifications had to do with test scores, with grades received in school, and with other empiric measures, the new definition involved “life experience, perspective,” and other factors that anyone could claim to have, but which allowed college admissions offices to discriminate based on race alone.

Unfortunately, those Asians who did get admitted to the colleges continued to dominate the honor roll, while black and latino students failed their courses or dropped out of school in disproportionate numbers.

Undaunted, the colleges adjusted their grading methods to solve this new “problem,” although it proved far easier to admit a minority student than to properly educate those who were less literate than other students.

While this may sound like a racist screed, it is quite the opposite. It has been demonstrated that the best way to help minority students is to begin at the bottom rung of the ladder. In other words, the first improvements must be made in elementary school, where lifelong values are formed, where lifelong study habits begin, and where expectations and discipline can have the effect of lifting minority students from their traditional stereotypes, lifting them to academic excellence. There are many examples of success among black and latino students who did not need quotas, but instead had parents who instilled in them values and a high purpose.

Liberal policies at colleges continue in effect, however, and the results continue to damage large numbers of minority students. The false god of “diversity” has become more important to college admissions policy than quality education.

There is a reason why Asian college students tend to excel far out of proportion to their numbers as compared to other races. That reason is culture. To sum it up, on average, Asians tend to value education more than they value rock-and-roll. Their culture demands respect for the elderly, demands honorable behavior, and demands hard work. While exceptions abound, my own personal experience provides a useful anecdote.

In the early 1990s, I had retired from the military and gone to college at the University of South Florida, not a bastion of liberal extremism. Having gotten to the ripe old age of forty-plus, I found that my mental acuity had diminished since the days when I could study the night before a test and ace it. I struggled merely to pass. Therefore, many of my evenings were spent in the university library, grinding away at the books.

I noticed right away that I was one of a select few Caucasians in the building. The great majority of students were Asian, with a good number of Africans— but not African-Americans, rather, foreigners— Nigerians and so forth. These young students were already brilliant and getting good grades, but for them, that was not enough. They had a need to excel, to get straight A grades, to rise to the top of the honor roll. In their personal self-grading system, a B grade stood for “Bad.”

The Nigerian students are proof that race does not explain poor academic performance among black Americans. Culture does, as do Attitudes.

Nor does race explain why Asian Americans perform better than white, black and latino Americans. Culture does. Attitudes do. Is there an echo? It is the echo of fact and reason.

Instead of focusing on culture and attitudes, some universities, including Harvard, insistently focus on race. Harvard is now being sued by the father of some young Asian Americans in his household, because he rightly fears that despite their hard work and discipline, they will be denied admission to Harvard based on, and only on, their race.

It’s long past overdue for this final form of racism to be excised from America. It will help everyone, and perhaps especially, black Americans.

Racist America, Rant Part 2

by Sean A. LangleyGuest Contributor

Finally, the eagerly awaited Rant, Part 2.

In Part 1, I vented about racism in America and the influence of our news media in race relations. Let’s review a little history, shall we?

Racism is not an exclusively white or American phenomenon.

Native Africans had their own slaves, via tribes, when they were brought over to the U.S. Slavery still exists in part of Africa, the first slave-owner in America himself was African and wanted slaves, in accordance to African culture. African-Americans are now free people, whose ancestors earned their citizenship time and time again. They didn’t resent White people, just White racists. They were grateful for White soldiers serving in the Union to defeat the South and ensure that ALL African-Americans are granted freedom.

Union soldiers fighting and dying to secure freedom from slavery is something that some African-Americans forget. With the passage of time, memories dim and it’s hard to recollect how many ordinary, Caucasian Americans died to ensure their freedom and did not believe it a vain sacrifice, but one worth making. A forgetfulness made obvious by idiots like Chris Brown who say “White people must pay for what their ancestors did.”

The hell we do. What my father did and those of his generation – that’s not on my tab. Nor my grandfather’s or anyone else. Regardless, most of my family came from overseas and wasn’t even here during the era of slavery. So, Mr. Rock, that’s one stupid freakin’ comment, as it’s obvious there’s a lot of White Americans of European, Celtic and/or other ethnic backgrounds that were not even here during the time of slavery or ever owned slaves. How can they be responsible?

And what happened at the end of those riots in Baltimore? The National Guard strolled in and boy howdy, did you lose all your toughness! Over 200 arrests. Where were all those tough guys with the bricks and rocks when armed soldiers marched down the streets? Oh, wait. You stopped, stared in fear, tucked your tails between your legs and ran off like cowards.

I’ll never forget as they marched throughout Baltimore, there were videos and pictures of people, black and white, thanking them for their service, thanking them for protecting them against the rioters. You really think you’re making a statement? Only thing you’re doing is painting a bull’s-eye on your back and asking for it.

I’m glad they busted you up. I savored every moment of your defeat, of your evil, violent behaviour being brutally beaten down, handcuffed, stuffed into trucks and cars like common criminals on video’s over YouTube and now serving time with criminals who aren’t at all impressed by the rocks you tossed.

You’ll lose everytime. Every single time, you’ll get the National Guard, every single time stories will be told of the innocent people you harmed and the lives you ruined in violent arrogance and selfishness.

If you think something was wrong, then protest as you see fit. March around. Tell people how you feel. Get petitions signed and sent up to political leadership, where the real power is. Carry signs declaring how you feel for everyone to see to make others aware. Write articles and post them on websites, record videos of speeches and post them all over the Internet. Doit within the law, like civilized, decent Americans. And please, at least TRY to get the facts from an unbiased source, like the actual police report and/or court records, not from sensationlist news media.

Baseball bats, fires, bricks, rocks and harming innocent men and women? Not acceptable. If you can’t act like a decent American, then don’t expect to get treated like one.

To the good people in the Black communities that don’t buy into this “he’s white so he’s obviously racist against black people” or “all cops are demons that are against all blacks,” to all those that don’t expect anyone to give them anything extra for their skin color, to all the good people in the black community doing all they can to just get by in life, I am sorry. I am sorry that these rioters are in the news more than stories of struggling people who suffer under this economy but are still trying, still contributing and still upholding what it is to be an American. Not black American or white American just AMERICAN. I am sorry that this horrible racism displayed by riots is making the black community look bad and I pray that you continue to resist it and remain dedicated to the dream of America that so many of all our ancestors fought and died for in wars: That we could come together simply as Americans, all of us contributing to this country,not taking advantage of it and be all better and stronger for it.

To the rioters, you’re only making yourself look worse and we’re not feeling sorry or intimidated by you at all. It’s only a matter of time before towns start training militia’s to combat you. You’re not freedom fighters and you’re not getting your way.

You’re just getting your asses spanked for it.

I loved that video of that black mother smackin’ her rioter son around in front of everyone chewing his ass out publicly! No, not a black mother….A good American woman, trying to slap some knowledge in her son.

I’m Sean and that’s what I think.

Rev Littleton’s Character

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Rev W.L.T. Littleton, in hostage New Orleans, finds himself facing attempted manslaughter charges for daring to defend himself against two aggressive intruders. Even if we set aside the fact that they were escaping after ripping copper off his church air conditioners and tried to run him over, we’re still confronted by the fact that the good Reverend is a retired New Orleans police officer. This alone more than qualifies him to assess a threat and take lawful action against it. On the day in question, Littleton carried a concealed firearm. This wasn’t due to his possessing a permit from the state of Louisiana. A higher authority, the US Senate, granted him and all honorably retired former police officers, the rare right to carry in all 50 states. I don’t envy the prosecution’s herculean task of impeaching Rev. Littleton’s character. Some see this as an attack on the church. I see it as nothing less than an assault on Black self defense! If a pastor who’s a retired police officer with a congressional right to carry firearms nation wide isn’t safe from local anti-self defense bias, what hope remains for other embattled inner city hostages?

Nadra Enzi akaCap Black, a hostage who fights back!
Anti-Crime Activist. Security Writer On Touchy Topics.

The Myth of GI Jane

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

A woman can do anything a man can do. The sentiment in those words have propelled the feminist movement from the days in which “the little lady” was expected to be a stay-at-home mother, obedient to her husband, until today, when women are successful business executives and are among the highest ranking officers in the armed forces.

The quest for gender equality continues, sometimes with notable success, but at other times with disappointing failures.

Most recently, out of a hundred women soldiers who attempted to become US Army Rangers, which is an elite combat unit, none qualified. (See the link at the end of this commentary.) A few did well enough to be offered a future second chance, and perhaps one or more will make history as the first fully-trained Ranger. Given that very few men make the cut, it will be entirely unsurprising if none of the women do, but let’s wait and see.

What will happen if none of them qualify?

So much has been said and written about gender (in)equality that the literature is a maze of confusion, distortions, and outright lies. Lucky you, you have stumbled upon a commentary that sorts it all out for you, neither deprecating women (or men), nor mythologizing them.

The reality is that while men and women are clearly notcompletely interchangeable (the myth), there is a lot more overlap in our separate skills than one might assume. The error we often make is to look at the extremes of performance, both the best and the worst, and to ignore the vast middle ground where most of us live.

For example, on one extreme side, the National Football League used to have a rule which stated that a football team consists of eleven “men” on the field. The National Organization of Women attacked this rule as sexist, since it prohibited women from participating. When NOW threatened action, and demanded the rule be changed, some of us expected the NFL to put up a fight on several obvious grounds. Instead, the NFL immediately gave in, changing the rule to indicate “persons.” Thus, NOW gained an important victory for women who wish to play football in the NFL as an equal of men. Sarcasm mode, of course, since in the years after that change, not one woman has played in any regular season NFL game. They can’t get through training camp.

NOW’s error here of course, was to look for equality at the extreme of performance. The natural physical differences between ordinary men and ordinary women in general may be arguably small, but at the upper levels of brawn and brute strength, men occupy more than ninety-nine percent of the population. Nature is not concerned with fairness or ideology.

What is often ignored is the lower extreme. Here, women rule supreme. For starters, men are hugely more likely to be imprisoned than are women, and are much more likely to commit suicide. Boys perform much more poorly than girls in the early years of school, cannot read as well, and drop out at a higher rate. The resulting lack of life skills among lower class males has devastating consequences, for themselves and for society.

It is here that all the quick-and-easy explanations vanish. We can understand that women’s bones are more fragile than those of a comparably heavy man’s, making football into a deadly sport for any woman at the highest level. So what? Few of us play professional football. We live in the real world of jobs, business and school.

The explanations for male inferiority at the everyday level of work and family, however, involve a universe of factors, each of which multiplies the others, until the maze becomes too difficult to navigate, even for the so-called experts.

One of the first factors to consider is technology. Gone are the days when many jobs required brute strength. Lifting fifty-pound loads repeatedly for hours on end is now done by machines. So has digging ditches, and likewise, many other jobs that women could not do as well as men. Had they been able to, the greedy entrepreneurs would have hired them at lower wages, and fired the men.

Women can, however, operate heavy construction equipment, effectively enabling one woman to do the work previously requiring a hundred men.

Another factor is economic. Women can now out-earn their husbands, and in so doing, need not accept their former role as household servants. If the man threatens to walk out, the woman might very well pack up and leave first, and find better circumstances in the process.

Yet another vital factor is that society itself has undergone swift and radical changes, even going so far as to decrease that one indisputable area of difference between men and women –reproduction. Contraception and abortion have enabled women to unshackle themselves from the inconvenience of unwanted pregnancy.

This new found freedom has, however, also shackled women as much as it has liberated them, and done more harm than good for them. With contraception came an increased tolerance for premarital sexual activity. That, in turn, increased tolerance for out-of-wedlock pregnancy, the very thing that contraception had promised to reduce, but counter-intuitively increased.

The result of this has been an outrageous statistic of fatherless children, which in turn increases poverty. Fatherless children tend (but certainly not in all cases) to behave more criminally and more promiscuously, not only perpetuating these social ills, but accelerating them.

It is a shame, then, that gender inequality has been subject to so much disinformation. Movies like GI Jane are taken by many young people to be reflections of reality, so much so that when reality bites, the inequality is blamed on the unfairness of a male dominated society. Women like Hillary Clinton scorn the practice of paying women less than men, and yet Clinton herself follows this practice with her employees. When liberal professor Lawrence Summers dared to explain some of this as being inherent in the desires of women to pursue different careers than men, he was booted out of his job. Liberal tolerance has its limits, and the limit is essentially zero.

Gender equality should be about rights, dignity and respect, not about quotas in elite Army combat units. To achieve true equality, we must first recognize the natural differences— the good and natural differences— between men and women, even between boys and girls. We must reconsider some of our politically correct taboos, for example, the one that forbids educating young boys in classes separate from young girls.

That is no easy task. The progressive left will oppose progress of any kind, by every means available. To them, equality means hammering down every nail that rises above the others. In order to lift society above their perverse definition of equality, men and women must work together, as equal partners, and we must do so in the real world.