Motorcycle Massacre In Waco Texas

by Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Black)

The following acronym is from my stating the obvious file: one four letter-family friendly, word describes the Waco, Texas motorcycle gang massacre and it is T.H.U.G., “threatening-harmful-unruly-goons!”

I assume it’s not racist to call them thugs since these homicidal maniacs were White? I’d like to think the fact that someone is a homicidal maniac trumps his skin color but that’s not absolute.

In New Orleans where I’m typing, a liberal mayor pretends violent, vulgar White gutterpunks are ambassadors whose diplomatic immunity includes not being arrested by police. A local millionaire briefly had off duty officers on his payroll to remove them from the French Quarter, but the mayor still allows them to infest Black areas via stoplight pan handling, littering medians and crowding sidewalks.

Liberals treat Black homicidal maniacs like pets to be taken from one non-Black slush fund to another with excuses aplenty about why it’s society’s – not their – fault. Violent criminals of all colors are enabled by a harmful hands-off policy progressives feel will tame them by osmosis.

Black street gangs are renamed street organizations; White motorcycle gangs are allowed to gather like they’re the Rotary club and hostages have to run for cover when inevitable mayhem happens.

Along with the Baltimore riots, this motorcycle massacre in Waco, Texas, serves notice that being soft on crime makes life hard for hostages in criminals’ crosshairs.

Nadra Enzi akaCap Black. Anti-Crime Activist
#Cap Black Is Here! blog

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