Black Men Aren’t As Bad As Islamists

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer

As a safety commentator and participant who is a Black man, I look at the recent Garland, Texas attack and compare its motive to portrayals of Black men in society.

The Right keeps track of Black-on-White violence and let the record reflect I’ve defended White victims and self-defense claimants on the streets and in media. While there is daily insulting commentary about Black men, attacks on commentators aren’t lethal gurantees – unlike with Islamist Muslims.

While our ranks include gangs, hate groups and individual thugs (oops- did I use the T-word?), we aren’t the ones issuing death sentences on offending spokespeople. If this were so, independent journalist Colin Flaherty, FOX NEWS hosts Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity or IHeart Media’s Michael Berry would have to travel in armored personnel carriers. While not above protests, on air shouting matches or twitter rants, that’s the extent of our outrage.

Most Black men, Muslim and non-Muslim, don’t run around hunting down disrespectful White people. Were this true, instead of bad sides of town, America would resemble Baghdad.

Black men still get painted with the brush held by outside observers of our worst actors. A double standard held over from segregations’ bad old days still has some bite.

As eyes turn toward Texas, Americans should consider this point: Black men are nowhere near as bad as Islamists. After the high profile series of Black male death after encountering police, this point could prompt much-needed unity. –

Nadra Enzi akaCap Black. Anti-Crime Activist. #Cap Black Is Here! blog

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