The Color of Justice In Baltimore

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black)

As an American (my picture clearly proclaims pigmentation) the Baltimore case of Freddie Gray and officers involved in his arrest has been an ordeal. This ordeal is intensified by Black decision-makers there and elsewhere who seem overly sympathetic with chocolate Klansmen injecting a concentrated dose of what is offere to their community daily – vulgar, violent chaos!

This over-sympathizing threatens to hinder, not help, defusing this powderkeg. The announced prosecution of the officers appears tailored to those who’ve made hatred of law enforcement an article of faith. Crafting justice to suit the tyrannical tastes of rioters means no justice and no peace for the Baltimore police department, Freddie Gray supporters and Americans from coast to coast. Black officials and spokespersons seeking to appease howling mobs today aren’t an upgrade over White predecessors who did the same to please yesteryears riotious opponents of Reconstruction and desegregation.

The color of justice in Baltimore and, by extension, cities and a country led by Black officials, doesn’t seem much different than when others held these positions. 

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Anti-Crime Activist.
#Cap Black Is Here!


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