Never a Checkmate in the War on Terror

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer 

In championship chess, where the object is to remove the opposing king from play, it never actually comes to that. Once a king is in “checkmate,” the game is over before the king is “taken” by the winning side.

In real life warfare, the modern era has witnessed a similar condition. We call it “surrender,” and it has changed the rules. Whereas in ancient times, surrender usually meant death or slavery, in modern times, surrender has become a way of accepting defeat and moving toward a better future.

A failure to recognize the break from ancient to modern times is what, in World War II, caused the Japanese fanaticism that led to the avoidable deaths of millions of Japanese, and even led to the futile use of kamikaze suicide bombers. Some Japanese leaders anticipated that in order to end the war, the Americans would kill every last Japanese man, woman and child, and yet they still refused to surrender, long after all hope of a Japanese victory had evaporated. We know how that worked out.

Today, we once again face an enemy which wages war by the ancient code: no surrender. The Islamist terrorists are very much like the Mongol hordes which in Medieval times swept across Asia, Europe and North Africa, massacring or enslaving every man, woman and child who had the misfortune of being in their path

It is difficult for the ordinary person to digest this. Normal people could never wreak such cruelty on innocent victims as do these Islamist hordes. They are merciless, to both Moslem and non-Moslem alike. Their single-minded purpose is to kill or enslave all who resist their commands.

In World War II, the Japanese “king” finally recognized that the game was over, and wisely surrendered rather than die. The Islamists have no such king, no central figure whom the fawning masses will obey. Instead of a king, they are commanded by scattered warlords who obey a single unchanging authority, the interpreted word of the Quran. That word (as they perceive it) commands them to commit hideous acts of barbarism, and to continue doing so until final victory has been achieved, which is total world domination.

In such a war as this, there is no possibility that the Islamists will ever surrender en masse. There will be no moment of “checkmate,” game over. We will win only by killing every last terrorist who lifts the sword against us. As awful as that sounds, it’s true.

While we look for an exit strategy, the terrorists look only for victory at any cost

We need to recognize that, in modern times, we are fighting an ancient war, one in which our surrender would mean only death or slavery.

In World War II, we got it right. Plan A was to win. There was no Plan B.

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