The Brother Al Approach To Deterring Crime

by Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Black)Brother Al Mims

National Crime Victim Rights Week is upon us and survivors gather to bear witness to losses inflicted by the enemy.

For years, New Orleans greatest anti-crime activist, Brother Al Mims, has carried a rectangular sign warning parents their child could be the next victims. As someone who lost his father to violence, Brother Al knows the stark violation of being a crime victim. His home has been shot into because of his activism and his life threatened last year.

While victims cover the ethnic and income spectrum, Black ones are disproportionately represented. As long as racism exists, there is nothing White peers can do to preempt murderous minds and culture in our midst. Active stakeholders like Brother Al, on the streets, in mentoring programs and working with the remnants of a police district in his area, constitute the only reliable response. White people can’t bribe disengaged parents nor entice weaponized youth enough to turn over a new leaf. What Black residents don’t do to combat chaos around us can’t magically be upgraded from distant suburbs and gated communities.

The Brother Al approach: fearless Christian reform from within a center of violent crime – Central City – is the only way out of dynamics stocking vigils with new names. Sincere White folks can help, but ultimately Black residents decide how safe is our community and, by extension, other communities, will be. The Brother Al approach to crime doesn’t require bureaucrats and tax increases. His approach requires paying attention to disorder and unapologetically, compassionately resisting it, instead of doing nothing.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Anti Crime Activist.

#Cap Black Is Here!

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