A Godless Country

by Sean Langley, Guest Contributor

I thought I’d put my feelings in words again, all for the hope that someone reading The Bold Pursuit might see what I’m trying to say.

It seems today that “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom of Expression” applies to almost any and all religions and viewpoints no matter how vicious, segregational or immoral the expressions or religions can be.

All except Christianity.

There was a time churches and God received an amount of respect, because every church was a sanctuary – a place of safety, charity and forgiveness. A place to go and admit your faults to God, be it in a confession booth, a song or a silent prayer. A place to remember that there is a purpose to suffering and therefore hope for a reward. To renew faith in hard work, strong morals and values … and each other. To remember to be kind to the less fortunate and to give chances to corrupt people trying to find redemption.

I remember a time Churches were on the news for making soup kitchens for the homeless, accepting canned food and goods from those better off and giving them to the poorer neighborhoods. For giving donations to noble causes of health or community improvement, providing daycare for children with parents struggling to keep their careers.

Then a few Catholic Priests did sexual acts with children and the gay community quickly ridiculed the Catholic Church for it, calling all Christianity evil. The whole time, the priests were molesting children of the same gender.

Then the Westboro Baptist church came out with their hateful message, wishing death on U.S. soldiers for fighting Saddam’s murderous regime in Iraq and Afghanistans terrorist activities on the U.S.

The other day, I was walking down the road. Just a pointless walk to get out of the office. I have to sit and wait for about seven hours as I have no car and just recently got a part-time job. The job doesn’t start until about 4 p.m. but my friend is high-ranking in the business and in an act of kindness offered me a part-time job that was available. In Obama’s economy … let’s just say I’m grateful for anything – even if I had to move away from my fiancee and the two little girls that call me “Daddy” to get it.

As I walked down the road, I looked at the shadier parts of Joplin, Missouri. Two idiots walking around with a bottle of whiskey, laughing despite the fact that it wasn’t even noon yet. A girl in far too short-shorts and a tank top despite the weather not at all justifying the clothing. Two people arguing at each other through the car windows over someone being cut off, threatening legal charges.

America. A Nation under God.

I heard a gentle, elderly female voice speak behind me, saying, “There is beauty in the world, if you look for it.” I turned to see an old woman of the church, perhaps a “nun” as I think it’s called offer me a yellow flower. For no reason. A flower and a warm smile as she put her hand on my shoulder, giving me a sympathetic squeeze. Nothing but kindness in her face.

I took the flower and thanked her. She asked me if I would like to see her church some time. She pointed down the road. An old Catholic church. As I walked down with her, I saw a mother holding her childs hand, smiling and patient with her daughter’s curosity at the world. I almost walked into a man and said “Excuse me” and got a friendly smile and a casual, “S’okay, happens.”

As I stopped over there, I saw the church had a sign, giving a time for when it gives free soups to the hungry. I saw a cardboard box with a sign that said it was accepting food as donations for the poor. I stopped for a moment and looked in the box. It was over half full … and it wasn’t even noon.

The sign said last Sunday’s church attendance was over 100. I felt a warmth in my chest. I smiled back at the elderly woman and I walked back to the office.

I have seen people tolerate KKK rallies. Anti-white black groups. Illegal immigrants marching and threatening violence. NAMbLA (National Association of Man-Boy Love in America) accepted as a personal viewpoint for promoting underage sex as acceptable if consenual. I’ve seen people try to defend Saddam Hussein as a leader, despite his attempts at genocide on Shia Muslims.

But Christianity gets the cheap shots. The sucker punchs. Gets treated like a terrorist organization. Told they can’t express themselves or believe what they believe if it goes against the grain of someone else.

In the end, Christianity is the only one that is offering these good things.

I understand freedoms. Freedom to NOT be a Christian if you wish. Freedom to BE a Christian if you wish. But I will never understand or accept the concept of trying to verbally bully someone out of being a religion or being ashamed of a religion that, in addition to being the founding CORE of American principles, is also one of the largest international charity organizations and non-profit assistance to the needy.

I have a saying: “Too much freedom is anarchy. Too much control is oppression. Perfection is balance.”

People act like having Christian core values is OPPRESSIVE. Well, it’s NOT. The whole concept of all men being equal comes FROM the Bible. Slavery in the bible? If you look at the actual WORD in Hebrew, it wasn’t “slave”, it was “bond-servant,” meaning one that must perform labor tasks to pay off a debt.

Our Founding Fathers resented a king that just TOSSED us away like we’re irrelevent and lesser people, then wanted to violate our rights. They resented someone getting to be in charge by birthright. Moses himself elected a council to help him as leader of his people because he tried too much, so even a GOOD king would not be enough. Thus, a President and Congress was decided upon.

The Constitution believed in all men being equal and in all having right to freedom of religion, freedom of so much because all men were equal BEFORE GOD. Meaning that no man had any right to override that, because it was above him.

Everyone thinks we need to remove all mentions of God, from our currency, from our Pledge of Allegiance, from everything – and why? “Seperation of Church and State.”

Separation of Church and State means that pure religious view point cannot influence our Government’s laws. Not that religious faith should never be mentioned or could never have a core value from which our nation could benefit.

So many Liberals think America would be better without any influence from God. I’ve seen other nations without Christianity in them. Shia and Sunni muslims murdering each other over slight differences, both types of Muslim murdering Jews or Christians. All in accordance to their religion and law!

I’ve seen Africa, I’ve seen Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. I have seen countries without the influence of Christianity and in them, horrible things. A country without fear of God in it is not freedom.

It’s anarchy.

If God was not real, I would not change my ways. We would not rise up and win so many miracles and do so much. We would not have accomplished so much. There was another man that wanted to destroy Catholic Christians and silence all offensive viewpoints. His name was Adolf Hitler.

If we remove the Christian aspects from U.S. government and laws, you may not enjoy it so much. Because then, whatever we make up in our heads is morally correct. And men are NOT equal before God. Whatever rights you get, are the ones that faithless people decide they FEEL like giving you.

You really want that? Think about it for a few moments. You don’t have to believe in God to see the good He does for us.

I pledge my allegiance, to the flag of the United States of AMERICA. And to the Republic, for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Sue me.

I’m Sean. And that’s what I think.

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