Are Today’s Nazis Overlooked?

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer

Much as I love Nazi-bashing, I don’t know if this principled past time adequately addresses facism of this moment. Today’s challenge is precariously positioned so that our crackhead level addiction to Arab oil loses the foreign policy footrace with waging war on, what radio host Mark Levin correctly calls, Islamo-fascism. Imagine American impotence were a ‘Hitler’ controlling resources central to our way of life? A frank peek at the rogues gallery behind OPEC reveals a constellation of Hitlers who haven’t yet caused the U.S. to kick the habit. A trick of fate or God’s sense of humor – take your pick – placed the very life’s blood of our civilization beneath the feet of those increasingly seen as genocidally-incompatible with the same. How we unravel this challenge is worthy of the Gordian Knot which confronted Alexander the Great. While the Hitler of the past presents needed study, we need intense contemplation of assorted Hitlers before us. This isn’t a call for an updated Crusades or other theological militarism. That route can lead to time wasting debate. Mine is a blunt appeal to enlightened self-interest suggesting focus on dictators and dictatorial movements’ perilous proximity to that which fuels our standard of living … and what – if anything – are we prepared to do about it? Despite social media, today’s middle eastern Nazis still haven’t grabbed our attention like the ones of old.

Nadra Enzi akaCap Black. Anti-Crime Activist. Security Writer On Touchy Topics.
#Cap Black Is Here! blog


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