Walter Scott: Hard Dose of Reality

by Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Black), Contributing Writer

The Walter Scott murder has united liberal and conservative – thus far – in calling it unjustified. The action of former North Charleston police department officer, Michael Slager, so casually committed, sums up the age-old Black mistrust of police and by extension, White men. I’m not a cop hater, race baiter, etc., but I am a man who has seen ample fuel for said mistrust in his life experience. While logic dictates all police officers and White men aren’t homicidal racists, racism by its very nature isn’t logical. Methodical perhaps, or even mercurial, but hardly the stuff of rational thought.

With less effort than one takes to squash a roach, a White man with a badge gunned down a Black man without one. I suppose Slager could tearfully announce, “I’m not a racist – I’m just a murderer!,” but who would be swayed? If anything, it would confirm the deadly irrationality of the very racism to which I alluded. It’s crystal-clear that some police and some Whites consider me a non-person upon whom any wild-eyed fault or action can be applied like paint. If America can have disproportionate Black-on-White violent crime and manipulators of White guilt as adept at playing on it as Mozart, then surely there must also exist White police officers who feel it their duty to rid the Republic of Black men and White male citizens who’d love to, but are too afraid. The Walter Scott case is a dose of hard reality reminding us that while America has certainly advanced – we’re not as far down the road as we think.

Just ask the Black officer who was in the famous cell phone footage.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Anti-Crime Activist. Security Writer On Touchy Topics. #Cap Black Is Here! blog

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