Fusionism 2.0

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer

The GOP must decide whether its ideological echo chamber – whose melodies I find soothing – will prove siren-song enough to craft a winning majority in 2016? Its boundaries consist of say, a Ted Cruz, at its rightward pole, Ben Carson enjoying a pulsating, expanding/contracting consensus and Jeb Bush holding its center comprise 3/4ths of our landscape. Rand Paul occupies the remaining terrain: incorporating Cruz, some of Bush and a broad “conservatarian” swath of youth, non-doctrinaire conservatives and open-minded libertarians not allergic to the Republican Party. This election will decide prevailing GOP philosophy and governing principles. If this outline holds true –contingent upon who drops out or in as the race progresses – voters on the Right may tap touch screens to decide the identity of Republicanism for the foreseeable future. National Review founder William F. Buckley was a major contributor to a fusionism which united conservatives, libertarians, Republican liberals and disaffected Democrats behind Richard Nixon. The same coalition is credited with the critical mass which made Ronald Reagan president twice. A fusionism 2.0 is what’s needed to unite the warring tribes of 21st Century conservatism … or they’ll be consigned to political reservations where victories in national elections are bitter memories.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit

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