Never a Checkmate in the War on Terror

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer 

In championship chess, where the object is to remove the opposing king from play, it never actually comes to that. Once a king is in “checkmate,” the game is over before the king is “taken” by the winning side.

In real life warfare, the modern era has witnessed a similar condition. We call it “surrender,” and it has changed the rules. Whereas in ancient times, surrender usually meant death or slavery, in modern times, surrender has become a way of accepting defeat and moving toward a better future.

A failure to recognize the break from ancient to modern times is what, in World War II, caused the Japanese fanaticism that led to the avoidable deaths of millions of Japanese, and even led to the futile use of kamikaze suicide bombers. Some Japanese leaders anticipated that in order to end the war, the Americans would kill every last Japanese man, woman and child, and yet they still refused to surrender, long after all hope of a Japanese victory had evaporated. We know how that worked out.

Today, we once again face an enemy which wages war by the ancient code: no surrender. The Islamist terrorists are very much like the Mongol hordes which in Medieval times swept across Asia, Europe and North Africa, massacring or enslaving every man, woman and child who had the misfortune of being in their path

It is difficult for the ordinary person to digest this. Normal people could never wreak such cruelty on innocent victims as do these Islamist hordes. They are merciless, to both Moslem and non-Moslem alike. Their single-minded purpose is to kill or enslave all who resist their commands.

In World War II, the Japanese “king” finally recognized that the game was over, and wisely surrendered rather than die. The Islamists have no such king, no central figure whom the fawning masses will obey. Instead of a king, they are commanded by scattered warlords who obey a single unchanging authority, the interpreted word of the Quran. That word (as they perceive it) commands them to commit hideous acts of barbarism, and to continue doing so until final victory has been achieved, which is total world domination.

In such a war as this, there is no possibility that the Islamists will ever surrender en masse. There will be no moment of “checkmate,” game over. We will win only by killing every last terrorist who lifts the sword against us. As awful as that sounds, it’s true.

While we look for an exit strategy, the terrorists look only for victory at any cost

We need to recognize that, in modern times, we are fighting an ancient war, one in which our surrender would mean only death or slavery.

In World War II, we got it right. Plan A was to win. There was no Plan B.

The Brother Al Approach To Deterring Crime

by Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Black)Brother Al Mims

National Crime Victim Rights Week is upon us and survivors gather to bear witness to losses inflicted by the enemy.

For years, New Orleans greatest anti-crime activist, Brother Al Mims, has carried a rectangular sign warning parents their child could be the next victims. As someone who lost his father to violence, Brother Al knows the stark violation of being a crime victim. His home has been shot into because of his activism and his life threatened last year.

While victims cover the ethnic and income spectrum, Black ones are disproportionately represented. As long as racism exists, there is nothing White peers can do to preempt murderous minds and culture in our midst. Active stakeholders like Brother Al, on the streets, in mentoring programs and working with the remnants of a police district in his area, constitute the only reliable response. White people can’t bribe disengaged parents nor entice weaponized youth enough to turn over a new leaf. What Black residents don’t do to combat chaos around us can’t magically be upgraded from distant suburbs and gated communities.

The Brother Al approach: fearless Christian reform from within a center of violent crime – Central City – is the only way out of dynamics stocking vigils with new names. Sincere White folks can help, but ultimately Black residents decide how safe is our community and, by extension, other communities, will be. The Brother Al approach to crime doesn’t require bureaucrats and tax increases. His approach requires paying attention to disorder and unapologetically, compassionately resisting it, instead of doing nothing.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Anti Crime Activist.

#Cap Black Is Here!

The Difference Between a Lie and the Truth

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Two recent, major incidents carry a lesson that society would do well to learn. Those incidents involve white police officers shooting and killing unarmed black men.

In the first incident, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown. In the second, Officer Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott. In both cases, the officers were accused of shooting an unarmed man in the back. In the first case, this was shown to be a lie. In the second case, it has been proven to be the truth.

In each case, the decision to prosecute the officer (or not) was based not on racism, but on facts. The facts, however, do not matter to a large number of people. The accused, under the law, is automatically presumed to be innocent, but in many minds, neither the law nor the facts are important. Emotion rules.

At the University of Virginia, a false report by the magazine, Rolling Stone, was widely believed to confirm that a “rape culture” exists among fraternity members on campus. The report was not merely false, it was at the least grossly negligent and irresponsible and, at the worst, deliberate slander and provocation.

At the University of Oklahoma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members were videotaped singing a racist chant, which went something like, “There will never be a n—— at SAE. You can hang ‘em from a tree, but it will never start with me.”

In both cases, there were reported incidents of sexism or racism. The first was false, the second is true, but to many people, the truth or falsehood of the matter is irrelevant.

While watching a television show in which actual criminals are videotaped while being arrested, I was amazed at how unimpressed the miscreants were when police guns were drawn and aimed at them. Told not to move, they moved. Told not to reach for anything, they reached. Told to exit the vehicle, they remained in the vehicle, sometimes even casually conversing on the cell phone. Apparently, the most experienced outlaws are well aware that the police do not shoot while any other choice remains.

It is the political activists, the ones making money, who level those accusations.

Real News v Fake News: “The TSA Pat-Down Incident”

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

First, the real news:

In a recent incident at Denver airport, two Transportation Security Agents were fired for conspiring to sexually grope a male passenger, a criminal violation. No charges have been filed, since the TSA allowed the victimized passenger to depart before asking his name and he has not been found.

Now for the fake news report (I made it all up):

The male passenger who was criminally groped by TSA has been found. He pressed charges. Below is the [fictitious] cross-examination by the defense attorney:

“You say that you were the victim of a sexual assault, specifically, groping. Let me ask you, Mister X. What were you wearing at the time of the alleged assault? Were you behaving in any way that might have encouraged the defendant? Were you “coming on” to him? Was your clothing revealing? What sort of cologne were you using?”

“Stop your crying, Mister X. These are simple questions, and you must answer them. Tell me, sir, exactly why were you at that airport at that time of day? Surely you knew that you would be subjected to a physical pat-down, now didn’t you. Didn’t you? And yet you went there anyway. Did you enjoy it, Mister X? How many other pat-downs have you had at airports in recent months? Did you enjoy those also?”

“Did you have your wife’s permission to be at that airport? You know that this entire incident would never have occurred if you had stayed home and made dinner for your family. You do know that, Mister X, don’t you?”

“I have your personal history here, Mister X. It says here that during your junior year of high school, you asked a fellow student to scratch your back. Was that all that was scratched, Mister X? What more should be in this report that was left out?”

“Admit it, Mister X. You are a slut and a cheap whore. Aren’t you? Come back here, Mister X. Don’t you run from this court room!”

“Your Honor, I move for summary acquittal of all charges and demand that Mister X pay reparations to my clients.”

Of course, the “report” above is only fiction

A Godless Country

by Sean Langley, Guest Contributor

I thought I’d put my feelings in words again, all for the hope that someone reading The Bold Pursuit might see what I’m trying to say.

It seems today that “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom of Expression” applies to almost any and all religions and viewpoints no matter how vicious, segregational or immoral the expressions or religions can be.

All except Christianity.

There was a time churches and God received an amount of respect, because every church was a sanctuary – a place of safety, charity and forgiveness. A place to go and admit your faults to God, be it in a confession booth, a song or a silent prayer. A place to remember that there is a purpose to suffering and therefore hope for a reward. To renew faith in hard work, strong morals and values … and each other. To remember to be kind to the less fortunate and to give chances to corrupt people trying to find redemption.

I remember a time Churches were on the news for making soup kitchens for the homeless, accepting canned food and goods from those better off and giving them to the poorer neighborhoods. For giving donations to noble causes of health or community improvement, providing daycare for children with parents struggling to keep their careers.

Then a few Catholic Priests did sexual acts with children and the gay community quickly ridiculed the Catholic Church for it, calling all Christianity evil. The whole time, the priests were molesting children of the same gender.

Then the Westboro Baptist church came out with their hateful message, wishing death on U.S. soldiers for fighting Saddam’s murderous regime in Iraq and Afghanistans terrorist activities on the U.S.

The other day, I was walking down the road. Just a pointless walk to get out of the office. I have to sit and wait for about seven hours as I have no car and just recently got a part-time job. The job doesn’t start until about 4 p.m. but my friend is high-ranking in the business and in an act of kindness offered me a part-time job that was available. In Obama’s economy … let’s just say I’m grateful for anything – even if I had to move away from my fiancee and the two little girls that call me “Daddy” to get it.

As I walked down the road, I looked at the shadier parts of Joplin, Missouri. Two idiots walking around with a bottle of whiskey, laughing despite the fact that it wasn’t even noon yet. A girl in far too short-shorts and a tank top despite the weather not at all justifying the clothing. Two people arguing at each other through the car windows over someone being cut off, threatening legal charges.

America. A Nation under God.

I heard a gentle, elderly female voice speak behind me, saying, “There is beauty in the world, if you look for it.” I turned to see an old woman of the church, perhaps a “nun” as I think it’s called offer me a yellow flower. For no reason. A flower and a warm smile as she put her hand on my shoulder, giving me a sympathetic squeeze. Nothing but kindness in her face.

I took the flower and thanked her. She asked me if I would like to see her church some time. She pointed down the road. An old Catholic church. As I walked down with her, I saw a mother holding her childs hand, smiling and patient with her daughter’s curosity at the world. I almost walked into a man and said “Excuse me” and got a friendly smile and a casual, “S’okay, happens.”

As I stopped over there, I saw the church had a sign, giving a time for when it gives free soups to the hungry. I saw a cardboard box with a sign that said it was accepting food as donations for the poor. I stopped for a moment and looked in the box. It was over half full … and it wasn’t even noon.

The sign said last Sunday’s church attendance was over 100. I felt a warmth in my chest. I smiled back at the elderly woman and I walked back to the office.

I have seen people tolerate KKK rallies. Anti-white black groups. Illegal immigrants marching and threatening violence. NAMbLA (National Association of Man-Boy Love in America) accepted as a personal viewpoint for promoting underage sex as acceptable if consenual. I’ve seen people try to defend Saddam Hussein as a leader, despite his attempts at genocide on Shia Muslims.

But Christianity gets the cheap shots. The sucker punchs. Gets treated like a terrorist organization. Told they can’t express themselves or believe what they believe if it goes against the grain of someone else.

In the end, Christianity is the only one that is offering these good things.

I understand freedoms. Freedom to NOT be a Christian if you wish. Freedom to BE a Christian if you wish. But I will never understand or accept the concept of trying to verbally bully someone out of being a religion or being ashamed of a religion that, in addition to being the founding CORE of American principles, is also one of the largest international charity organizations and non-profit assistance to the needy.

I have a saying: “Too much freedom is anarchy. Too much control is oppression. Perfection is balance.”

People act like having Christian core values is OPPRESSIVE. Well, it’s NOT. The whole concept of all men being equal comes FROM the Bible. Slavery in the bible? If you look at the actual WORD in Hebrew, it wasn’t “slave”, it was “bond-servant,” meaning one that must perform labor tasks to pay off a debt.

Our Founding Fathers resented a king that just TOSSED us away like we’re irrelevent and lesser people, then wanted to violate our rights. They resented someone getting to be in charge by birthright. Moses himself elected a council to help him as leader of his people because he tried too much, so even a GOOD king would not be enough. Thus, a President and Congress was decided upon.

The Constitution believed in all men being equal and in all having right to freedom of religion, freedom of so much because all men were equal BEFORE GOD. Meaning that no man had any right to override that, because it was above him.

Everyone thinks we need to remove all mentions of God, from our currency, from our Pledge of Allegiance, from everything – and why? “Seperation of Church and State.”

Separation of Church and State means that pure religious view point cannot influence our Government’s laws. Not that religious faith should never be mentioned or could never have a core value from which our nation could benefit.

So many Liberals think America would be better without any influence from God. I’ve seen other nations without Christianity in them. Shia and Sunni muslims murdering each other over slight differences, both types of Muslim murdering Jews or Christians. All in accordance to their religion and law!

I’ve seen Africa, I’ve seen Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. I have seen countries without the influence of Christianity and in them, horrible things. A country without fear of God in it is not freedom.

It’s anarchy.

If God was not real, I would not change my ways. We would not rise up and win so many miracles and do so much. We would not have accomplished so much. There was another man that wanted to destroy Catholic Christians and silence all offensive viewpoints. His name was Adolf Hitler.

If we remove the Christian aspects from U.S. government and laws, you may not enjoy it so much. Because then, whatever we make up in our heads is morally correct. And men are NOT equal before God. Whatever rights you get, are the ones that faithless people decide they FEEL like giving you.

You really want that? Think about it for a few moments. You don’t have to believe in God to see the good He does for us.

I pledge my allegiance, to the flag of the United States of AMERICA. And to the Republic, for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Sue me.

I’m Sean. And that’s what I think.

Are Today’s Nazis Overlooked?

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer

Much as I love Nazi-bashing, I don’t know if this principled past time adequately addresses facism of this moment. Today’s challenge is precariously positioned so that our crackhead level addiction to Arab oil loses the foreign policy footrace with waging war on, what radio host Mark Levin correctly calls, Islamo-fascism. Imagine American impotence were a ‘Hitler’ controlling resources central to our way of life? A frank peek at the rogues gallery behind OPEC reveals a constellation of Hitlers who haven’t yet caused the U.S. to kick the habit. A trick of fate or God’s sense of humor – take your pick – placed the very life’s blood of our civilization beneath the feet of those increasingly seen as genocidally-incompatible with the same. How we unravel this challenge is worthy of the Gordian Knot which confronted Alexander the Great. While the Hitler of the past presents needed study, we need intense contemplation of assorted Hitlers before us. This isn’t a call for an updated Crusades or other theological militarism. That route can lead to time wasting debate. Mine is a blunt appeal to enlightened self-interest suggesting focus on dictators and dictatorial movements’ perilous proximity to that which fuels our standard of living … and what – if anything – are we prepared to do about it? Despite social media, today’s middle eastern Nazis still haven’t grabbed our attention like the ones of old.

Nadra Enzi akaCap Black. Anti-Crime Activist. Security Writer On Touchy Topics.
#Cap Black Is Here! blog


TSA Agents Fired, but not Arrested, for Sexual Assault

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

“I don’t understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying,” said 31-year-old John Tyner to a pair of Transportation Security Administration officials insisting on giving him a “groin check” before boarding his plane.

When a TSA agent informed Tyner that he would be subjected to a pat-down, he warned the agents, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.” As a result, he was denied his flight, and then told not to leave the airport. He left anyway. That incident occurred in 2010.

This one occurred in 2015:

“In a manifestation of the some of the worst suspicions of air travelers, two Denver-based Transportation Security Administration screeners were fired for setting up a system that allowed one of them to grope men’s genitals, according to a CBS Denver investigation. Their system let the male employee “grope” the crotch area of male passengers [he] thought to be attractive almost a dozen times, CBS Denver learned.”

A number of questions occur, and I will pose some of them now.

1. How much more of our liberties are we willing to surrender to government in return for security, or at least the illusion of it?
2. Are we becoming accustomed to having our private parts viewed and even touched by federal agents before we board an aircraft? Is this merely a small inconvenience, a necessary precaution, or the first step down the proverbial slippery slope?
3. In the recent Denver incident, a TSA supervisor spied on the suspected agents, recorded their illegal actions, but then did not even ask the victimized passenger his name. Without a victim, no crime can apparently be charged. Don’t TSA agents witnessing a crime have a duty to immediately call in law enforcement? Are they permitted to watch the crime, and then only fill out a report?
4. How many more incidents like this has the TSA ignored or covered up?

Complaints are reportedly legion, but only in the Denver incident was anything done, and even that involved only paperwork and two firings, no arrests.

Below are links to those two incidents:


Walter Scott: Hard Dose of Reality

by Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Black), Contributing Writer

The Walter Scott murder has united liberal and conservative – thus far – in calling it unjustified. The action of former North Charleston police department officer, Michael Slager, so casually committed, sums up the age-old Black mistrust of police and by extension, White men. I’m not a cop hater, race baiter, etc., but I am a man who has seen ample fuel for said mistrust in his life experience. While logic dictates all police officers and White men aren’t homicidal racists, racism by its very nature isn’t logical. Methodical perhaps, or even mercurial, but hardly the stuff of rational thought.

With less effort than one takes to squash a roach, a White man with a badge gunned down a Black man without one. I suppose Slager could tearfully announce, “I’m not a racist – I’m just a murderer!,” but who would be swayed? If anything, it would confirm the deadly irrationality of the very racism to which I alluded. It’s crystal-clear that some police and some Whites consider me a non-person upon whom any wild-eyed fault or action can be applied like paint. If America can have disproportionate Black-on-White violent crime and manipulators of White guilt as adept at playing on it as Mozart, then surely there must also exist White police officers who feel it their duty to rid the Republic of Black men and White male citizens who’d love to, but are too afraid. The Walter Scott case is a dose of hard reality reminding us that while America has certainly advanced – we’re not as far down the road as we think.

Just ask the Black officer who was in the famous cell phone footage.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Anti-Crime Activist. Security Writer On Touchy Topics. #Cap Black Is Here! blog