The Limits of ‘Unsecured’ Security

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer 

The recent assault on TSA agents by Richard White at Louis Armstrong International Airport outside of New Orleans underscored the-potentially deadly limits of unsecure security. My read of the average TSA agent is someone who is woefully unprepared for confrontation. This is odd considering their purported role as the James Bond-ian frontline of homeland security at airports. Private security officers are mostly unarmed, too.

However, unarmed private security officers deal with violent subjects daily, especially in retail and entertainment settings. Equipping TSA agents with collapsable batons, tasers or pepper spray seems reasonable given their high-risk placement at the entrance of airline concourses. I didn’t cite firearms because I feel the agency itself isn’t too keen on the idea.

Recruiting people who can handle confrontation is a no-brainer in the private sector. Nightclubs and department stores have unarmed security staff effectively addressing a wide range of critical situations. TSA should consider re-aligning recruitment and mandate focus to duplicate private sector workforces whose unarmed personnel nonetheless regularly stop violent criminals.

Such a tactically proficient TSA agent force could face a crazed attacker like Richard White with more than hastily grabbed luggage as improvised shields. The limits of unsecure security can cost innocent lives at airports which can suddenly become battlefields.

Nadra Enzi akaCapBlack is an anti-crime activist and security writer on touchy topics. #Cap Black Is Here!

One thought on “The Limits of ‘Unsecured’ Security

  1. This is an amazingly astute piece of writing, the more so for its brevity.Unfortunately, the TSA is oblivious to any offered wisdom.They have a near monopoly, and therefore, no incentive to improve.The decision-makers get paid the same for failure as for success,and failure is easier to accomplish.Thank you, however, for this sage perspective.

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