Getting Away With Being Caught

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

You would think that a wrongdoer who gets caught would be treated more harshly than an innocent person who is exonerated.

You would be mistaken.

Compare two of the foremost women in American politics, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin got caught not saying that she could see Russia from her house. Yet to this day, millions of Americans believe she said that. When Governor Palin turned over her emails to the public, the mainstream news media were breathlessly anticipating that all sorts of nefarious deeds of Palin were about to be uncovered. They just knew— knew, mind you— that she was guilty. In the days leading up to the release, news announcers could barely conceal their glee. Then, when the emails showed (according to CNN) that the emails revealed only that Palin was a hard working, involved governor, the publicity instantly ceased.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got caught concealing her official emails from the government. Nor was this the first time that Hillary has gotten caught in the performance of misdeeds, from the cattle-futures scandal, to Travelgate, and onward from there. The curious thing about the Clintons is that they seem to get caught every day doing something at the least unethical, at the most illegal, but never get punished in any meaningful way.

Hillary Clinton may become our next president. You may ask, how could that possibly be? It’s not that her misdeeds are kept secret. The Clinton’s are inept at keeping secrets. Indeed, it is becoming more evident every day that official government secrets were hacked from Hillary’s personally owned email server, hacked by Russia, China, Iran, and possibly North Korea.

You may ask, how could such an obvious miscreant get elected president?

To which Hillary will reply, “What difference does it make?”

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