A Nation Undivided

by Sean A. Langley, Contributing Writer

I’m just airing my thoughts. It’s a similar message to the one I did before but it’s also a decision. I guess I might as well air it out now, here on The Bold Pursuit.

I was talking to a friend in Canada about politics. She said that they actually followed American politics fairly often in Canada. Like me, she was Conservative. Apparently, Canada has a strong majority of Conservatives in their population.

We just talked in general about how Liberals seem to have a lot of issues. I asked her why Canadian Conservatives don’t often show support to American Conservatives to help us get a message across (I mean, if Obama can get illegal immigrants to help support Democrats, why not level the playing field and get some vocal support from Canadian Conservatives if possible, eh?).

She said that they don’t really consider American Conservatives the same as Canadian Conservatives.

“Of course not,” I joked. “We’re American, you’re Canadian. There’s that whole border thing we got going on.”

“No, it goes a lot deeper than that,” she told me. She told me how Conservatives were devoted to the cause above all else in Canada… how it was about keeping Conservative values like integrity, core Christian principles and so forth.

“Yeah,” I said. “Just like the U.S.”

“No…” she corrected me. “Like the U.S. used to be. Not how it is now.”

I felt a twinge in my heart. Was it that well known? I mean, I wrote an article about my frustration with Conservative in-fighting but…could it be so blatant that Canada didn’t view U.S. Conservatives the same as their Conservatives?

Are U.S. Conservatives continentally (if not internationally) known as back-stabbers?

“Well, we’ve been having problems lately,” I admitted. “I even wrote an article on it and it actually got a decent amount of exposure. That’s kind of why I was wondering why we couldn’t get some Canadian Conservatives to help us out.”

I told her about my Facebook group, “Republic of Conservatives” – a fake cyber-nation dedicated to Conservatism. I told her that I allowed anyone that was Conservative, whether Republican, Independent or even Democrat Conservatives (few though they may be) to post there in support of Conservatism everywhere, especially the U.S.

She said, “Over in Canada, we call that our Conservatist population.”

I blinked at her. “You’re telling me you never have guys cutting each other down in the Conservatist group due to favoritism?”

“Of course we do,” she said. “But only if the Liberals are removed from power. The number of people that do that before we have Conservatists firmly in the last portion of the race is low and they’re not considered Conservatists. Just favoritists that care more about their favorite politician than really Conservatist views or morals.”

I remember how she looked at me sadly and tried very gently to say, “That’s why we don’t get involved with U.S. Conservatists, Sean. Your nations Conservatists can’t support Conservatism properly because …” I was not prepared for how deep her next words would cut me,

“U.S. Conservatists can’t even live in peace with each other.”

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t say anything. It was heartbreakingly true. I began to wonder…truly wonder… if my Facebook group would forever be small because my attempts to unite Conservatists everywhere by our core beliefs was utterly futile.

I didn’t expect it to pick up overnight but I had to ask myself that question. My Facebook group was supposed to be a place where the bickering within Conservatists ended, not came together. So far, it has done very well.

There are fakers and liars in Conservative America. Jeb Bush is one, in my opinion.

But then I had to ask myself: How similar are the hateful arguments Conservatists sometimes make towards each other as the ones Liberals make towards Conservatists?

So, I’m putting this out, here and now: No favoritists will be allowed in my Facebook group. If you are the kind of person that will cut down a fellow Conservative running for office, whatever office that is, you are not welcome.

I don’t even want to know you. “Be careful the company you keep.” I will not allow my Facebook group to be polluted with that kind of garbage. Nor will I allow my friends list to either.

I say this not with hate or threat, but out of love for my Conservative views. The cutthroat, back-stabbery ends where the borders of my fake nation begins. I will shun them from my sight and my presence, I will allow no more of it. I shall be loyal to Conservatist politicians decided to Conservatism, whether I “like” them or they’re my “favorite” or not. Trey Gowdy. Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz. You may choose your path, you may choose to favor one Conservatist only and screw over the others, but you will never be a Conservatist to me. Only a traitor and elitist with childish concepts of loyalty and devotion to a cause.

My cyber-nation will forever be a small one, most likely. My friends list, most likely forever shorter than most. All because of these actions, but my cyber-nation will be pure … and my friends list as well. We will support the Conservatist party to the end. Each and every damn one of them.

I’m Sean. And that’s what I think.

The Limits of ‘Unsecured’ Security

by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer 

The recent assault on TSA agents by Richard White at Louis Armstrong International Airport outside of New Orleans underscored the-potentially deadly limits of unsecure security. My read of the average TSA agent is someone who is woefully unprepared for confrontation. This is odd considering their purported role as the James Bond-ian frontline of homeland security at airports. Private security officers are mostly unarmed, too.

However, unarmed private security officers deal with violent subjects daily, especially in retail and entertainment settings. Equipping TSA agents with collapsable batons, tasers or pepper spray seems reasonable given their high-risk placement at the entrance of airline concourses. I didn’t cite firearms because I feel the agency itself isn’t too keen on the idea.

Recruiting people who can handle confrontation is a no-brainer in the private sector. Nightclubs and department stores have unarmed security staff effectively addressing a wide range of critical situations. TSA should consider re-aligning recruitment and mandate focus to duplicate private sector workforces whose unarmed personnel nonetheless regularly stop violent criminals.

Such a tactically proficient TSA agent force could face a crazed attacker like Richard White with more than hastily grabbed luggage as improvised shields. The limits of unsecure security can cost innocent lives at airports which can suddenly become battlefields.

Nadra Enzi akaCapBlack is an anti-crime activist and security writer on touchy topics. #Cap Black Is Here!


Getting Away With Being Caught

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

You would think that a wrongdoer who gets caught would be treated more harshly than an innocent person who is exonerated.

You would be mistaken.

Compare two of the foremost women in American politics, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin got caught not saying that she could see Russia from her house. Yet to this day, millions of Americans believe she said that. When Governor Palin turned over her emails to the public, the mainstream news media were breathlessly anticipating that all sorts of nefarious deeds of Palin were about to be uncovered. They just knew— knew, mind you— that she was guilty. In the days leading up to the release, news announcers could barely conceal their glee. Then, when the emails showed (according to CNN) that the emails revealed only that Palin was a hard working, involved governor, the publicity instantly ceased.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got caught concealing her official emails from the government. Nor was this the first time that Hillary has gotten caught in the performance of misdeeds, from the cattle-futures scandal, to Travelgate, and onward from there. The curious thing about the Clintons is that they seem to get caught every day doing something at the least unethical, at the most illegal, but never get punished in any meaningful way.

Hillary Clinton may become our next president. You may ask, how could that possibly be? It’s not that her misdeeds are kept secret. The Clinton’s are inept at keeping secrets. Indeed, it is becoming more evident every day that official government secrets were hacked from Hillary’s personally owned email server, hacked by Russia, China, Iran, and possibly North Korea.

You may ask, how could such an obvious miscreant get elected president?

To which Hillary will reply, “What difference does it make?”

My Thoughts on the Shutdown

More of my mindless babbling>

by Sean A. Langley

Just voicing my opinion, as always, for what weight it carries. The big issue is the shutdown. It’s all over the news.

But what it is really about?

I think it’s about the American people’s and the laws worth to the politicians of this nation. Growing up, my father always taught me that Democrats were politicians and leaders of the people, raised bluecollar, understood us and were always there for us. He also tried to teach me that Republicans were evil, that upon becoming wealthy, they had no ties to the common American people and did not care for anything but greed. He could give no reason other than the wealth of some of them and that they were Republican.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people who are truly evil, do not believe they are evil. They project their ‘evil’ on others, usually employing their imagination to do so. They use a play of words to justify their immoral actions, trying to word it in such a fashion to make their misdeeds seem very moral-based or using misdirection in hopes of making the followers believe that at minimum, they are less evil than their opposition. This is how deception works. Evil is not blatantly evil, unless it has absolute power. And often, evil believes itself to be the one, true good in the world.

My father taught me this concept very well. I have learned further from Obama. This is not to say that all Democrats are evil, as some did in fact sign the bill in the House of Representatives to stop Obama’s amnesty, and some Republicans (many in the Senate) objected to that and supported the amnesty. This shows, as I stated before, there is good and evil in both parties.

Currently, President Obama wishes to enact an amnesty of illegal immigrants in this nation. These illegal immigrants are lawbreakers, regardless of age or circumstances of coming here, or how long they have been here. Nor does it matter how long they have worked illegally or whose identity they stole to pay taxes. The misery of Mexico does not justify bringing misery to America. Nothing they say or do will ever change the fact that they broke the law and stole American rights for their own selfish desires, and all the tears and wails and pity stories told to me by them, like beggars and thieves trying to justify their self-made horrible lives, will not get a single tear from me.

This act is illegal. The FEDERAL LAW says, concerning immigration and the deportation of immigrants in the U.S., “When the U.S. government discovers that a person has entered the United States illegally, overstayed their visa, or otherwise violated U.S. immigration or criminal laws.”

Furthermore, The The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 was passed througthe 104th Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996, which lays out not only should illegal immigrants be deported, but if they had remained inside for a period of time, should be banned from U.S. entry for a period of 3 to 10 years.

This act supercedes any previous acts signed in before as it was implemented into law afterwards, upon legal process of being a bill sent through the House of Representatives, obtain approval by the house majority, sent to the U.S. Senate, obtained approval from the U.S. Senate majority, then sent to then-President of the U.S. and signed into law with his witnessed signature.


Article II of the Consitution specifically states that of the President, “He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Meaning that he cannot CHANGE them, he is only to ensure that they are FAITHFULLY EXECUTED. Meaning his obligation is to ensure illegal immigration deportation is enforced!

Article I, Section I of the U.S. Constitution states “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” The word “legislative” in the English language is defined as “Making, or having the power to make, a law or laws; lawmaking.”

Do I need to freaking spell it out for anyone reading this article?

CONGRESS makes Law! The President only signs bills into law AFTER approval of Congress. He cannot MAKE law or EXCEPTIONS to the law, he needs CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL!

The whole point of having a blasted U.S. Congress is to ensure no one man controls the nation, separating us from the type of corruptible government of the English monarchy, which drove us away from England, into rebellion against them in the first place. Emo teenagers whine and complain about political problems and corruption from freakin’ fiction movies, let me tell you if we had just a regular monarchy, then they’d be BEGGING for the democracy the Founding Fathers put in place!

I personally believe if the founding fathers were here right now, they’d have their military sabers drawn and challenging Obama to an honorable duel for the offense of violating the Constitution

Obama cannot legally create an amnesty law. So what does he do? He tries to claim they’re all Americans, using partial quotes about the Constitution and law together to form a deceptive foundation for his amnesty plan! Anyone can do this. Here is a sentence:

“I absolutely hate Obama and everything that he does, including how much he loves to screw up the Consitution instead of defending it.”

Lemme give you a PARTIAL quote from that, adjusted to support Obama:

“Sean stated that he absolutely loves Obama and everything that he does, including how much defending of the Constitution”.

Okay, so can I be President now? He gives fancy speeches, misquotes the Bible, law, the Constitution, flat out lies and tries to make commercials to depict him as some sort of saint, nurturing the poor!

You wanna help them? Send them back to Mexico and tell them they need to FIX Mexico! That ain’t our problem!

Yes, we should be generous and help others less fortunate, but America imposing this ‘amnesty law’ to help illegal immigrants is like a father taking food from his struggling family – food that his wife and kids can’t go without and giving it to a crackhead to trade in for more cocaine, saying it’ll help their community! It’s freakin’ stupid!

It isn’t about Democrat or Republican, it isn’t even about Conservative, Liberal or Libertarian! Every damn one of us should be snarling and snapping at the President! It isn’t about ethnicity or where you were born, it’s about the law! An outlaw president who violates his oath, federal law and the Constitution is ridiculous! He should not get any support.

What is wrong with some of you idiot Democrats, Liberals and Latino’s that think just because some 3rd cousin you never met is illegal or just because something is worded in a way to make it look good or that he’s a Democrat, that you think you should support this faux law? You think history will forget this?

Obama ignored Congress and the will of the U.S. people. 71% of the nation’s population said they don’t want his amnesty law, the majority of the House and Senate of Congress absolutely refused to allow it to be funded and denounced it. So what does Obama do? He says he’ll push the shutdown of the DHS and blame Republicans. Again, he tries to divide the American people and holds the nation hostage.

He’s screwing over 300 million U.S. citizens of all ethnicities, so he can break the law and grant amnesty to approximately 20 million illegals. For what reason? To get more Democratic votes! Well, that says something! He can’t get the American people’s approval so instead of trying to be a man of the people and a better President, he’ll just legalize some illegal immigrants to get more votes?! What good could possibly come from this?

If he does get his amnesty passed, maybe we should honestly consider raising hell. SOMETHING has to happen. Something has to stop this! Unfortunately for President Obama, even with a flood of 20 million bribed illegals supporting him, the numbers don’t support him. At all. If a civil war broke out, it won’t be like the Civil War between the Union and the Confederacy. It’ll be more akin to the American Revolutionary War and he’ll be King George.

If the Democratic Party wants to save face from this, they had better stop Obama. There are 20 million illegal immigrants in America right now. There are approximately 250 million adult Americans. Less than four million are Latino-Americans. If enough Americans vote, not even all the illegals will be able to get another Democrat in power.

We have the power to stop this. It’s simple. Do what others have done. Riot. Scream out and vote against him. Believe no matter what polls or news reports assert (and they do lie to put in despair), you GET UP. You WALK to wherever you have to, to vote. You VOTE. You put Obama’s supporters OUT.

We can overcome this. We can stop them. Do not forget the law. Do not forget the Constitution. This is not about Mexicans or Latino’s. This is not about race. This is about justice, law and the American way.

Stop Obama. Don’t expect anyone else to do it. You are more important than you think. One person can and will make a tremendous difference with each vote. Do not be content with “just enough” to “make sure” that Obama and his supporters like Hillary are removed. Move to crush them in a wave of dissent. Make a statement, make sure entirely too many votes against them are cast so that no matter what, they can’t rig the vote.

Show them that the Founding Fathers did not place their trust, the future of their nation in vain. I’m asking every American to stand up and vote. To remember the Founding Fathers that took a stand against a monarch who belittled their rights as English citizens and then chose to become their own nation. To remember Abrahamn Lincoln who put an end to slavery. To remember President Franklin Roosevelt and President Richard Nixon who supported and passed the Native American tribes rights to self-govern to give back what was theirs. To remember Martin Luther King J.R. who believed in the power of the people to rise ALL men and women of ALL ethnicities up to equality.

You can do it. We can all do it and we have in the past. Just stand. Say something. Don’t listen to the FEAR and DESPAIR in your heart, that little voice saying that you can’t do anything about it. It’s a LIE. Thirteen backwater colonies with armies of pilgrims, farmer and hunters formed a military that overthrew one of the largest in its time, the Kingdom of England. A minority race of blacks that were once slaved and Irish that were forced out of England both started some of the finest brigades of U.S. military in the Army in the Cival War to end slavery once and for all and to this day have standards in the U.S. Army.

There is nothing we cannot do. Remember who you are. You are an American: part of a free people that does not know race, religion or gender. Only fellow Americans, law and honest values. And with people like you, how could we lose? All you have to do is act.

And act NOW. Yesterday was late enough.

I’m Sean and that’s what I think.


What if they Gave a Revolution and Nobody Came?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

In August of 2009 I marched in the TEA Party rally in Washington DC. Aerial photographs of the event show that it was the largest of its kind ever. In the following national elections, Republicans took over the House of Representatives, and made gains in the Senate. Sadly, in 2012, Obama was reelected to a second term.

During that time, he has accelerated his destruction of the Republic.

One must wonder how this happened. The common wisdom is that large numbers of conservatives sat out the election, apparently preferring a radical leftist to a Republican who was not “conservative enough.”

To make matters even more confusing, in 2014 the Republicans once again made large gains in the House of Representatives, and even took control of the Senate. If only this vigor had expressed itself in the polls two years earlier!

What can explain this seemingly irrational swing of the pendulum?

There is an old saying that I just made up, which is that the morning after the revolution, people have to go to work. Intense emotions propel people to go to marches for a day, but those emotions soon return to their daily levels, while those in power barely take notice.

Now a new revolution seems to be on the horizon, and this time, it is not a march of the people in the streets, but a march of the state legislatures. Article V of the United States Constitution provides for something commonly called a “Convention of the States,” or a “Constitutional Convention,” whereby the state legislatures may compel Congress to propose amendments to the Constitution.

At first glance, this seems to be a straightforward way of reforming the federal government to comply with the intent of the Constitution, namely, that the federal government should be subordinate to the states, not their overlord.

However, a reading of Article V quickly throws doubt on any hopes that the states can, or will, recapture their authority from a runaway central government.

The chief problem is that the wording of the Amendment is not sufficiently precise to prevent every courtroom trick in the book from delaying or frustrating the intent of the states. Here is Article V in all its arcanity, should you choose to plow through it:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

The first thing that stands out to me is that Article V includes Congress in the process. The problem with this is that the Congress is a major part of the problem. While Article V says that “whenever” the states deem it necessary, there is otherwise no specific time frame. It requires Congress to “propose amendments,” but again, no specific rules or definitions. The Framers left it to the Congress to make those decisions.

Despite all this, Article V gives the states a very strong hand, indeed one so strong that some critics have warned that the states could call a “runaway convention” that could entirely abolish the Constitution and replace it with one abhorrent to the American people.
That, as Mark Levin has pointed out, is nonsense, but it is nonsense that threatens to undermine hopes that the states will take back their power. It is nonsense because, for one thing, state governments are much more beholden to their voters than is the federal government.

Another thing is that the federal government is already the runaway power bloc that is in effect abolishing major parts of the Constitution and replacing them with executive orders, unlawful regulations, and outright violations of the Constitution.
If there is ever to be a political solution that reforms our out-of-control federal government, that solution must come from the state legislatures and the people.

The question then becomes one of courage. Are there enough state legislatures (34 are needed) to invoke Article V? Will they demand an immediate response from Congress? If Congress chooses to obstruct, will those states take the next and necessary step, which is to call their own convention?

This would be a true revolution, because it would pit the states against the Congress. At that point, the showdown would become as historic as the American Civil War. In the extreme, 34 states could actually declare independence and form their own sovereign government, abolishing the Congress and replacing it with their own federal authority.

While this would be an extreme and potentially destructive measure, we are already on that course. Our borders no longer mean much, our Congress is inaccessible to we the people (just try to get a meeting with your senator), and our laws are routinely flouted by the president. The Supreme Court has on more than one occasion rewritten laws, and then upheld policies that the American people clearly oppose.

If the will is not there now, then what degree of loss of our freedoms will it take for the American people to invoke Article VIII of the US Constitution? Oh but, you say, there are only seven articles to the US Constitution.

I think you get my point.

Obama Turns Blatant Dishonesty into Art Form

by Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer

Our Republic has suffered from nearly every form of scallywag, thief, liar, and wannabe dictator serving or disserving in the Oval Office. Our Republic has suffered from nearly every form of scallywag, thief, liar, and wannabe dictator serving or disserving in the Oval Office. Our Republic has suffered from nearly every form of scallywag, thief, liar, and wannabe dictator serving or disserving in the Oval Office. On the other hand, we’ve had honest, dedicated and patriotic men rise decidedly above what mortal men could reasonably be expected to achieve, who saved, protected and healed our nation during periods of extreme peril and upheaval.

Since leaders come from the imperfect human race, not all of those rising to the top find themselves listed in the crème de la crème. Pond scum, likewise, rises to the top.

Barack Hussein Obama is a one-of-a-kind U.S. President. Never before has an American chief executive persecuted Americans for being uniquely American. At no time, has a President had such vitriol against, and been as dismissive of, American culture, religion, and the principles of economic free enterprise. No U.S. President in history toured the world apologizing for America’s sins, and absolving Islamic terrorists.

The majority little understood on that inauspicious day when Obama made his infamous promise to ‘fundamentally change America,’ that it would lead to an all-out war on the institutions and citizenry of our country. Few knew of the rage at the Western World instilled in him by his Muslim father. Even fewer questioned the influence that his Communist mentor or his radical, racist minister of twenty years, had on this community organizer from the corrupt underbelly of Chicago politics.

Each dawning day manifests more clearly the radical direction in which his promise takes us. Obama knows that liberty interferes with his designs for an ideal dictatorship; therefore, he abhors freedom. He’s dangerously ensnared in ideological “fairness, social justice, and equal results,” and his dogma doesn’t comprehend that the only fair society, is a free society.

Obama’s redistributionist, collectivist philosophy of unqualified politicians and bureaucrats running the economy is a Marxist scheme that invariably fails miserably. Additionally, taking money from the builders, the creators, the entrepreneurs, and the industrious, and then bestowing it to the takers, whiners, and ‘gimme crowd,’ always leads to further poverty and generations of dependency. In his collectivist, fantasy world, individualism is outmoded; truth ridiculed, and self-sufficiency scorned.

As long as parasites can leech blood from the producers of society, most think America is a grand country. They have a greedy, selfish, destructive, and choking love. Obama and all leftists cater and cling to this low-hanging fruit in that they have the power to vote. Freeloaders furnish the grist for his evil, Maoist mill.

When this U.S. President repeatedly gushes that, he is “working for the people,” one should remember: Chairman Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Castro and dozens of other dictators echoed this identical self-aggrandizing rant. He’s effectively destroying the Constitution’s promise of limited government, liberty, and equal opportunity for all Americans.

Our community-organizer-in-chief determined at the jump to emulate the failed policies of the European Socialist States where Europe’s immigration, economic, and political correctness policies have them crashing and burning.

Obama liberals and radical Islamists have at least two traits in common; believing they tower above the law, and enacting policies to enforce their evil views upon America. Obama is committing crimes against liberty, the Constitution, and against the moral core of this illustrious land.

Lying is common political fare for presidents and a number of politicians; however, Obama turned blatant dishonesty into an art form. His boldfaced, brazen lies roll off his lips as easily as his ensuing breath. Truth is not in his vocabulary.

We might never find out if Obama, like his father, is a Muslim, however, one fact remains clear; he is a Muslim apologist and refuses to recognize, verbalize, or condemn the butchery they execute in the name of Allah. We might never ascertain if Obama, like his mentor, is a Communist, although we recognize he operates using the same deceit, lawlessness, and class divisions. We might never confirm whether Obama, like his long-time spiritual adviser, is a racist, other than knowing that he preaches the same racial hatred, division, and distrust.

He regards with criminal indifference, the United States Constitution, and considers the laws of the land as annoyances that he summarily and contemptuously disregards.

Rudi Giuliani’s criticism of Obama came down much too softly. Barack Obama created a wound in America that may never heal. His hatred for a country that elected the first black president is renowned and endless. That revulsion manifests itself in his words, actions, edicts, and trespasses.

The voices for liberty in America must rise to a fevered pitch to have any success at drowning out the loud, verbose, shrill voices of tyranny coming from this criminal administration, his bureaucrats, and the Mainstream Media.

Barack Obama’s idea of America is not the idea of America’s heroes who left their blood and their lives in and on the beaches, jungles, countries, and oceans of the world. They sacrificed for OUR FREEDOM; shall we sit back and let their sacrifices be nothing more than ink stains in discarded, untaught, history books in Barack Obama’s America? Will we allow the worst-of-the-worst President of the U.S. to sully everything for which men have fought, bled and died?

Jim Mullen
Parkersburg, WV