Nuance this, Marie Harf

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Personally, I don’t mind being called stupid. I have long known that I am stupid. Indeed, I think that the mark of an intelligent man is to know that he is stupid. If that sounds stupid to you, then you are smarter than I am.

So is Marie Harf. She is smart enough to be a spokeswoman for the US State Department. I could never do what she does.

One of the requirements for being a spokesperson for the Obama administration is to be a verbal contortionist, tap dancer, and dodger-and-weaver, all in one. Another requirement is a sense of superiority over the unwashed masses of the American people, deeming us to be too stupid to know what is good for us. A third requirement is to be able to propose idiotic and absurd solutions to serious problems, while ridiculing us, who oppose those idiocies.

Quoting from Fox News:

“State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, after coming under fire for suggesting a way to fight the Islamic State and all terrorism is by creating jobs, has an answer for her critics: Her argument is just “too nuanced” for them to understand.” ]

Very well. Harf was not suggesting that we go to the Middle East and open an employment agency. She was instead pointing out that in the Middle East, rampant unemployment, among other social ills, is contributing to the recruitment of young suicidal jihadists into the armies of terrorism. By alleviating these pervasive ills, we could decrease the scope and severity of terrorism.

We get that. We are more nuanced than Harf supposes.

Harf goes on to state that we cannot “kill our way” into safety from terrorism. It is in this statement that Harf reveals her utter naïveté concerning the terrorist phenomenon that is killing many thousands and threatening mass destruction in the Middle East and beyond.

Imagine if President Franklin D Roosevelt had said after the attack on Pearl Harbor, that we cannot kill our way out of the war, but that instead we had to find peaceful ways to solve the social problems that had led Japan and Germany to wage war against us. Yes, it is unimaginable.

The reality was that to win World War II, we had to kill millions of enemy soldiers first, in order to destroy their nations’ ability to wage war against us. We lost about a third of a million of our own men killed, in the process, sometimes thousands in a single day.

Today, that level of discernment and commitment, that level of sacrifice, is indeed unimaginable.

In the fantasy world of Obama’s foreign policy, the unimaginable is imagined. Delusion has replaced vision. Combat rules of engagement are designed to avoid offending those who kill our people. Even the term, “Islamist terrorism,” is forbidden speech. The word, “extremism,” has been substituted for it, a word which is more often applied to Christians and conservatives than to Islamist terrorists, by the administration.

One does not defeat brutality with subtlety. One cannot subdue psychopathic mass murderers with apologies. Men who behead children cannot be pacified, not even with the utmost level of economic prosperity. As an example of that, Hamas terrorist leaders have been given billions of dollars to build schools, hospitals and factories; they spent it on weapons instead.

No, Marie Harf, we cannot kill our way out of this war. We must, however, kill as many of the terrorists as we possibly can in order to save those people in the Middle East who actually can become useful citizens when employed.

Those are the people, including 21 Coptic Christians and dozens of Moslems, whom ISIS recently beheaded or burned to death.

Nuance that, you pompous ass.

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