Why I Wanted Mitt to Run Again

by Sean A. Langley, Guest Contributor

There’s no point to this blog, besides airing out my opinion. Some facts are thrown in, some observations and if you don’t like reading a personal view point on something, you probably shouldn’t bother reading this because that’s what it is. It’s more of me venting my personal feelings on the matter. Bear with it, if you can.

Politics became extremely important to me after 9/11. I was sitting in my bedroom, listening to music on the radio without a care in the world. That is, until I heard it on the radio that the Twin Towers had been attacked. I remember telling my father. At that moment … at that moment, I suddenly cared about the state of my nation.

When I became a soldier in ‘04, I cared deeply because what the President and Congress decided directly affected me. My opinions began forming but most of all, I knew I had to not listen to people. People would always talk and bring things up in an attempt to demonize (or glorify) a particular president or candidate, usually in a very biased fashion. People would also make excuses (often from their imagination) in an attempt to justify the evil their favorite candidates did or the good their most hated ones did. I knew that if I was going to vote, it had to be for the RIGHT man and for the RIGHT REASONS. Not political party or sensationalism. Not for the one that has the more convincing speeches. I had to know WHAT I believed and WHY I believed in it.

I am a Conservative because I am a Christian and I believe that while the Christian religion is not for everyone, the core principles of Christianity are ideal to a successive civilization. Many peope can bring up horrors and atrocities made by those who CLAIMED to be Christians (or just make stuff up based on sensationalism with no facts of any kind or evidence … even with evidence to the contrary of what they claim, in fact), but the actual BELIEFS of Christianity are what helped properly form America. The Founding Fathers were Puritans and did not hide from it. The references to God in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and various ceremonies for politicans before taking office and the Pledge of Allegiance make any attempt to deny this nothing but a stubborn act of refusal akin to a child refusing to acknowledge when proven wrong, even blatantly so.

I chose to register as an Independent because I knew without a doubt, there were good and bad in both political parties and furthermore, that could change. This year’s resounding Republican Party wins could become nightmarish by next year. My generations Democrats may be horrible with the next generations Democrats may actually be good Americans. That and I wanted the freedom to always decide my own candidate, not be forced to pick a specific party.

So, that’s why I’m a Conservative Independent. I’m Conservative because of American values and historic success (as well as many other countries with similar influence) as well as my personal faith and experience, and I’m Independent because I’ll always find a villian and a hero in both parties.

But why Mitt Romney?

To be honest, when the 2012 Presidential debates started, I remember listening to a lot of people. I went to both Romney and Obama’s websites. Obama’s was an embarrassment. Horrible slanders and character assaults on Romney in a ruthless fashion I found to be both repulsive and quite frankly, without actual evidence or proof. On top of that, I didn’t find hardly anything for his plans on his second term. I only found claims that he was a saint while Romney was the anti-Christ.

I found Obama’s official website to be extremely narcissistic, unprofessional and without a doubt, not the man for whom I wanted to vote. In addition to his failed policies and constant blunders (which I’ll probably review in another of my articles, comparing them to Bush), he didn’t even come off as a well-intentioned man. He came off as a self-righteous, rude, egotistical person that lived up to all the negative traits of a politician.

Going on to Romney’s website, I found many things I really liked. He wanted to keep the military to a much higher number to maintain security and ability to react to situations that may come up. That just seemed to flat-out make sense. We didn’t want to get attacked again or have another situation show up and be caught with our pants down (Meaning lacking the ready military ability to properly respond in force). He also wasn’t for cutting away veteran benefits, something that Obama had done and had gotten a seriously angry military at him for it. Romney’s 5 Point Plan seemed to be absolutely perfect. He wanted to cut down on foreign imports, instead investing in American stateside companies (which, in addition to being a lot cheaper, would also have been a boost to American companies to expand, giving us much-needed jobs). He wanted to invest in cleaner energy, as well as in our own oil, which would have dropped gas prices tremendously and again, something that would have given our oil companies more to do stateside. Even MORE jobs. He wanted to make sure only the truly NEEDY of America got Social Security, not anybody with a mild back pain from stretching too much back in ‘97. This would force people to seek out jobs, not sit and wait for money from the government for no reason. He wanted to adjust healthcare to the needs of the STATE, not slap a general idea for the whole nation of 50 different states with different strengths and weaknesses to force themselves to adapt to. Lastly, he wanted to cut funding to colleges that demand 40 to 60k loans for minor degrees that are hot items when you start for them and then are useless by the time you finally get them and only have debt to pay. He wanted instead to fund job-training skills and certifications that could give people qualifications for certain jobs much faster and much cheaper (badly needed, I’d say).

These items were perfect to fix America’s problems. His 5 Point Plan screamed out success and his gentlemanly manner (and lack of scams) indicated he cared more about his country than what the media had to say about him. Romney chose NOT to go for the cheap shot or the sucker punch on other candidates, showing a man of integrity.

That seemed to be what other Republicans were trying to do. I sat and watched debates as many people tried to take cheap shots or attempts at falsifying information at Romney. I could only smirk, thinking, “Wow, you guys are really making yourselves look good.” Many of the Republican nominees had excellent policies, but the cut-throat attitude they had showed a lack of unity amongst Conservatives. Instead of focusing on driving the Liberals or even the Democrats out of the competition, they seemed to wanna pick on the guy with the largest lead. I was thinking to myself, “You’re on the same side, you idiot! Bash the losers trying to pull him down, you know at this point you can’t win, so try to support Romney while you can still be called a Conservative!”

Then came the debate with Obama. Obama came in with a true cowards approach, not a shred of dignity or respect, insulting and even falsifying things. Romney kept his composure and countered every one of Obama’s attempts. For me, this made Romney look even stronger. Obama was looking like one evil son of a youknowwhat, desperate and cruel. I was smirking so largely, thinking to myself, “Only an IDIOT would listen to Obama. Obama, you just made yourself look bad. Congratz, you basically GAVE the victory Romney.”

The day the votes were all counted, I had just gotten out of the field. I remember stepping out of the APC with Sgt. Ortega as he called his wife (God rest her soul in Heaven) to see the outcome. Sgt. Ortega looked down and said, “Obama won” with utter disgust. I remember I covered my face with my hands in frustration and couldn’t believe it. The backlash was horrendous to say the least. I remember the next day Obama had a big picture of him with the most self-righteous “Hah, fooled ya!” smirk on his face as he said he was “very proud of the American people to not be pulled in.” I wanted to put my fist through the computer screen. That’s EXACTLY what happened!

I felt a deep despair. I wondered what that cold, empty feeling in my heart was. Took me awhile but I figured it out. I had lost my faith in the American people…

I’ll be honest. I think the majority of you are freakin’ stupid! I mean…SERIOUSLY?! What was your excuse to not vote? Because a different Conservative you favored wasn’t there at the end, you decided to screw Romney and hand over victory to Obama? Or did you think Obama’s bullcrap speeches would suddenly put in some magic spell to end all his blunders? Do you think just because Obama says, “Our economy is STRONG!” in a loud voice that that makes our economy strong? I hate to break it to you, economics doesn’t WORK that way.

Romney won the popular vote, meaning all you had to do was show up, check the mark next to Romney and turn it in. He would have WON, but some of you threw little poutful fits, sat at home and decided since your favorite candidate wasn’t making it, you were going to betray Conservative America to teach it a lesson and let Obama get the victory.

…. And you wonder how they screwed us over so often???

I’m still sore about that and probably always will be. When the Republicans got voted in heavily in the House and the Senate, I remember I got wide-eyed and excited. When Romney was being considered for another Presidential run, I jumped for joy! We were going to undo our mistake! And hopefully, this time, Conservative Republicans would realize not to be at each other’s throats until there were no Liberals to go after in the race.

Imagine my disappointment… Romney has had the lead over Republicans since DAY ONE. Most of the people voting in saying they’re glad Romney didn’t run are Liberals and/or Democrats, nothing more. What happened? Well, first we got Ted Cruz going, “We don’t need another Bush or Romney.” I rolled my eyes heavily at THAT one. The worst part was, I actually like Cruz and think he’d made a decent president himself. But what does he do? He looks at one of the strongest Republican Conservatives in America and tries to shoot him down. Making it a, “You can’t support me, Romney and Bush, you have to pick SOLELY me”. Boy, that didn’t come off at all selfish or power-hungry. However he meant it, I bristled and struggled not to hate him. He wasn’t the only one. Another clown said “Romney already had his chance, he’s yesterday’s news.” I promptly responded to him on Twitter, “I appreciate all you’ve done, but if Romney was yesterday’s news, you never were news.”

Why is this what happens? Why do Liberal Democrats have a strong, united front to repeal Conservatives and Republicans while we sit in disarray, unable to even unite together again an enemy that seems dedicated to the destruction of not only America, but American values with racism, illegal actions and so forth?

I’m not happy with Ted Cruz, but I’ll vote for him or Sarah Palin or any Conservative to make sure we get through this. But maybe our problem isn’t JUST the Liberals. Maybe we need to look at each other and realize that we need to be more concerned with how to rid our nation of this disease, this destructive cancer known as Liberalism, not pout or throw keyboard tantrums over who’s favorite politican is better than who’s. We LOST. Do you all not realize that? We freakin’ lost!!! You really wanna blame it on Romney? Ask how many Republicans CHOSE not to vote for Romney. Ask how many Independent Conservatives CHOSE not to vote for Romney. Then ask why they didn’t. It won’t be about his plans or views. It’ll be about one thing and one thing only:

“He wasn’t the one I wanted in there in the first place.”

You don’t get what you want and throwing a fit isn’t a proper way to handle it! SCREWING over your nation and your people isn’t either! We are STRUGGLING, some of us living in fear of drug cartels, Islamic supremacists,racial violence while choking down Ramen noodles and sipping faucet water with our children and struggling to afford ridiculous healthcare for sick little ones! How much WORSE does this have to get?!

Don’t claim to be a Conservative if you’re not going to VOTE Conservative. I don’t give a personal damn about your sensitivities and the idea of betraying your own people and country over them is ridiculous. That attitude supported and empowered the Obama administration more than anyone wants to believe.

We already lost our strongest candidate to it. It doesn’t matter if you liked Romney or not, he was the STRONGEST choice to make sure a Conservative Republican made it in the White House. Someone who could have appointed another as Vice President, maybe even your favorite for all you could have known! We don’t need to lose others.

I’m voting in ‘16 and I’m voting CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. Whether it’s Cruz, Palin, Bush, Romney … WHOEVER. I’m not getting the man I want as President, but I’m not gonna sit and home and pout and let Hillary Clinton or any other freak Liberal win because of it. I’m taking it right to their freakin’ teeth and I’m gonna leave no doubt whatsoever that the message is clear, clear to the Race Card players, clear to the Liberals, clear to the Religion-Haters, the Illegal Immigrants: GET OUT.

If you can’t, maybe you shouldn’t claim to be Conservative. Why claim to be something if you don’t support it but betray it instead?

I’m Sean Langley and that’s what I think.

4 thoughts on “Why I Wanted Mitt to Run Again

  1. Good read. I completely understand your frustration. Communists and anarchists funded by the Obama campaign and foreign entities (calling themselves "libertarian") infiltrated the Ron Paul party during the Republican primaries to drum up contention and destroy the party. When Romney still made it through, they simply encouraged their sheep to not vote at all, and they filled their heads with all kinds of nonsense. It's funny because they taught them how to thwart and navigate the political process, and manipulated them by using their values to turn them against their own party. Popularizing "against the establishment", RINO, No 1144, and other buzz-word, hate-invoking speech worked on a lot of people, and convinced them that there was no difference between Romney and Obama. In short, they were tricked and manipulated into not voting. Hilary has the same group on her side, and has been reported to be using them for this election cycle due to its wild success in 2012. It's pure evil.

  2. 1. Romney was among my least favorite candidates.2. I especially disliked his snub of my favorite conservative, Sarah Palin.3. I voted for Romney.

  3. First, apologies to those who left comments. Our webhost, Squarespace, is supposed to send me alerts to new comments, but has proved to be consistently unreliable.Robert – we'll have to agree to disagree re. Mitt Romney. BTW, it is my understanding that the RNC decided to not invite Sarah Palin to speak. Since Gov. Palin did not support Gov. Romney's campaign (until the night before the election) and relentlessly criticized and insulted him throughout his campaign, one can understand why the RNC (or the Romney team) would hesitate to invite her to speak at the convention.

  4. Joseph – great comment and insights. Few people seem to be aware of the political shenanigans you mentioned, but we've received firsthand accounts of such behavior at the state caucuses and conventions. Also, we are in agreement that we can expect more of the same in 2016, in fact, it will be even more insidious. Machiavelli would be humbled by the antics and strategies employed by liberals and extreme factions on the right.

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