Immune to Vaccinations?

by Robert Arvay,
Contributing Writer

It’s for your own good. It is a public health issue. You have a responsibility. In summary, these are the arguments for getting your children vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella, not to mention smallpox, plague, and other deadly diseases that have been the scourge of mankind for centuries.

They are good arguments, so good, in fact, that to raise an objection is to be labeled a flat earther, a luddite, or even a child abuser.

I object.

As a child, I was vaccinated, my own child was, as well as my grandchildren. So why would I object?

I don’t. Instead, I advocate freedom, a precious commodity which seems to be in ever shorter supply, and which is so fragile that if we lose it once, we lose it for life.

Vaccinations are good. Yes, they do carry risk, but on the whole, they are a net positive. The primary risk, however, is not autism, but the expansion of government power to force substances into the bodies of our children regardless of whether we may (or may not) have valid concerns.

We have already seen the perversion of public interest when it comes to compulsory education. Education is, of course, not only good but necessary. What is bad is that once government can force you to educate your child (a good thing), the next step is to indoctrinate your children into the government’s best interests, not your child’s.

It does not end there.

Government power is like a gas. It tends to expand until it fills every corner available to it. Once government can force you to inject your child with substances it declares necessary, then it can also dictate your child’s dietary intake, his or her exercise regimen, and finally, what books to read and which to ban.

It will be for their own good. It will be in the public interest. It will be the responsible thing to do.

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