Bruce Jenner and US Manhood

by Cap Black

Call me the last to know, but I just saw – inside WalMart no less – a picture of Olympic hero Bruce Jenner wearing long hair weave??? Until staring in shock at this issue of People magazine – muttering “OMG” – I was oblivious to the decathlete’s identity crisis. It seems that the Left has another trophy in its showcase of emasculated US manhood. I’d like to think Jenner’s choice is proof of a nervous breakdown, extraterrestrial control or even demonic possession. Alas, the culprit may be less sensational, but no less dangerous!

Growing up in the 1970s, the John Wayne/John Shaft model of US manhood encountered cultural competition in the form of socialist social weapon code named, the Sensitive Male. Standard bearers of the Sensitive Male paraded on TV before my young eyes included the hippie son-in-law Archie Bunker called ‘Meathead’ and Alan Alda’s Dr. Hawkeye Pierce in the stealth Vietnam protest/Korean War comedy called M.A.S.H. The concept of US manhood is beseiged, from being the head of a-nearly nonexistent-household to false allegations that every heterosexual man is a card carrying member of rape culture. The tragic case of Bruce Jenner is particularly painful given the unabashedly wholesome, patriotic counterbalance his past image offered while the New Left acid happily ate away traditional values. I’m sure there are ‘high fives’ aplenty among liberals, delirious over the fall of such a national icon. The “man” on that magazine cover once auditioned for role of Superman – the movie which made the late actor Christopher Reeve an immortal. Bruce Jenner and the plight of US manhood underscore the need for each American man to champion masculine virtues before it’s too late! Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman? “OMG!”

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a security writer on touchy topics and an anti crime activist. #CAP BLACK IS HERE! BLOG:

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