‘The Jeb Bush Doctrine’ for Solving Illegal Immigration Problem … and Everything Else?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer    

Jeb Bush has solved the immigration problem once and for all and has done so without offending anyone. The man is a genius! 

According to. . .


. . .and other news sources. . . 

He [Jeb Bush] said that 40 percent of the current illegal immigrant population in the United States ended up here by overstaying visas, and that the government should locate them and “politely ask them to leave.” [End quote] 

Why did no one think of that before? Politely ask them to leave. This ingenious approach could be used to solve all kinds of problems.

After all the illegal aliens politely leave the United States, we should next turn our attention to terrorism. Jeb Bush could ask the terrorists, politely of course, to please stop massacring and beheading innocent men, women and children. Think of the lives that would be saved. 

Then, he could ask the Russians to please, ‘oh pretty please, leave Ukraine.’ Next:  ‘Dear Kim Jong Un (dictator of North Korea – oops, sorry, leader of North Korea) please stop hacking into our websites, and while you’re at it, how about politely stop starving your people to death?’ 

There might be no end to the possibilities. ‘IRS, please tell the truth about whatever it might be that Lois Lerner refuses to testify about.’ ‘Eric Holder, would you mind please telling us about your criminal activities (oops, that is to say, undocumented activities) regarding your role in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans by drug lords whom you armed?’ 

After you’ve done all this, Jeb, then you might finally be ready to solve the world’s most pressing problem, the one that keeps billions of people awake every night— global warming. Could you please ask the sun to ‘cool it?’ 

One more thing. The next time that anyone in the GOP disparages Sarah Palin for saying silly things, could you please, politely of course . . .

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