Are You a Conservative Entry on “a Government List”

by Cap Black

Last year, I suffered a one-day delay on a firearm purchase because my name was “mistakenly” confused with that of a domestic violence offender. On Monday, MLK Day no less, a measly MoneyGram transaction for a pittance was on hold several hours because I was “mistaken” for someone on a terrorist watch list! Need I add that I’m not a criminal nor a terrorist!

Does 20 years of in-your-face safety rights advocacy mean anything?This stinks of political payback for the heresy of being creatively conservative (while Black, no less, lol) and questioning the smiling bigotry of New Orleans anti-safety leader, Mayor Mitch Landrieu. If this has happened to you, please share your story with The Bold Pursuit. It shouldn’t be a crime to proudly promote traditional values!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, a security writer on touchy subjects and an anti crime activist. #Cap Black Is Here! is his blog

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