Character Has No Color

by Cap Black, Contributing Writer

Obviously the title paraphrases Dr. King’s timeless, often quoted desire for his now grown children. It also underscores the growing gulf between liberalism’s former advocacy of individual rights, a color-blind proposition, to currently being so color-bound that it threatens legitimate racial progress with each enabled riot or applauded act of anti-police violence. Color-bound thought excuses single parent homes as launch pads for crime while ignoring inner city gangs and knockout attacks committed by a literal saggy-pants lynch mob all because said threat happens to be black. Were the reverse true today’s left would writhe in the policy version of convulsions!

While liberal color-blindness of the past hefted the bar of societal expectation toward American blacks, today’s shrill (Al) Sharptonian liberalism lowers it with a resounding thud, threatening to split moral high ground of yesteryear. Now, instead of exemplars like Rosa Parks or martyrs akin to Emmett Till, we see a profane parade of slain aggressors and destructive demonstrators with no apparent end in sight. It remains to be seen whether M.L.K. Day 2015 will be a circus for color-bound crime apologists and their carping choir.

I have to cite the once-unthinkable, will this occasion be marred by targeting police or, I suspect coming next, spokespersons against color-boundness? Look at the last quarter of 2014 to gauge if my concerns are legitimate. Violent proponents of color-boundness slapped America’s face last year. Dare we turn the other cheek for 2015’s impending blow? Character truly has no color, but it seems this January may well be colored by hateful tones tragically devoid of personal responsibility, which is the fertile crescent of character. Regardless of dire considerations, Happy M.L.K. Day 2015!

Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, a security writer on touchy topics and street patrolling anti-crime activist declaring, “2015 is the Year of Safety Rights!” Cap Black Is Here! is his blog, http://www.capblackishere

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