Democrats: Anti-American Tyranny – It Will Cost You

by Jim Mullen, Guest Contributor

It’s most interesting that the state Democratic Party in West Virginia, feeling the sting of the latest election, is pointing fingers and assigning blame for their unexpected uprooting in West Virginia. Democrats have controlled the state for over 80 years – now it is red.

Not surprisingly, the National Democratic Party is also searching for answers.

This New Democratic Party, doggedly clinging to an agenda so radically leftwing, that it has the once dynamic middle class in America, reeling. The constant punching, prodding, and punishing Americans and the country’s industrial complex has left more people subservient to government largesse than any period in our history.

Fewer people are in the workforce, and this translates into a nationwide malaise and dissatisfaction by those still interested in the American spirit of work and pride.

Barack Obama doubled down on his Marxist policies on an already liberal and unsustainable welfare state. His guiding principles dictate that all personal freedom, commerce, industrial activity, and enterprise, be filtered through government. Sadly, the entire New Democratic Party not only got on the Obama-train-to-socialism; they did so with overzealous enthusiasm.

When you have a bitter, American-hater trying to put Americans ‘in their place’ because of his perceived grievances, and when those policies are race-baiting, class warfare and rubbing group against group, there will be friction and fire will fly. Freedom-loving Americans can only hope the highflying Marxists of Barack Obama will have their wings scorched enough to bring them back down from Liberal La La Land to common sense and liberty.

Hopefully, fewer people are blinded by the lies overwhelming the country, especially in the last six years. This could help explain the current phenomenon of red-state rebellion. In any case, one thing is sure, liberal Democrats and Republicans ought to take notice; leftists have hijacked and devoured our culture, education, liberty, Constitution and economic system. If you persist in your anti-American tyranny, you will continue to pay dearly at the ballot box.

Our government, media, and the intelligentsia currently deem people supporting the Constitution and rule of law extremists. Those working, studying, and planning for their future, now bear the label troublemakers, or as Homeland Security calls them, ‘terrorists.’

Which political party constantly pushes for more gun control? Which party ruled the slums of the nation for decades? Who shackles industry, business, and workers with crippling regulations, and sets the EPA, IRS, and nearly every other government agency on Americans’ churches, culture, speech, and every other freedom guaranteed by the Constitution? The answer of course, in practically every case, is always liberals.
To those who remember the Democratic Party being for the working people – this is not your Father’s or Grandfather’s Party. It was usurped by the vicious left wing, and most Democrats got on that Obama socialist train. Now they cry about the cost of their ticket.

Republicans should be aware that conservatives led this national purge of the left wing, and remember they expect you to live up to the promises you made of less government: more liberty, fewer regulations and always follow the Constitution. Do not try to out-Democrat the Democrats. The New Year is here; get busy restoring freedom and shrinking government.

Jim Mullen

One thought on “Democrats: Anti-American Tyranny – It Will Cost You

  1. Well said!America is poised for a comeback, but if anyone can rain on a picnic, it is the Republican establishment.We must keep prodding them in the right direction,which as Sarah Palin has said, issudden and relentless reform.

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